5 Top-Layers That Are Shaking Up the Fashion World!

5 Top-Layers That Are Shaking Up the Fashion World!

New trends and tricks are the life of the fashion world. With a blink of an eye, we see a trend coming and another new thing becoming popular. Everyone praises the fashion designers for working so hard and blessing us with something trendy now and then, the fashionistas who welcome those trends whole-heartedly stay somewhere behind.

Well, here, feel welcomed by some amazing top layers – including the Super Bowl Chris Evans Blue Jacket (yes, from the commercial) – that you might have seen on your TV screens and steal the spotlight wherever you go. Say no to all the things that hide your spark because these top layers are going to make you the star that catches the eyes of everyone – no exaggeration!

Starting with the same blue jacket that is mentioned above. Chris Evans and jackets – name a better-looking duo than this. Do they confuse everyone, wondering who makes the other more attractive – the jacket or Chris himself? By the looks of the jacket, it’s a tie!

The Super Bowl Chris Evans Blue Jacket is in an appealing blue color made of parachute material. The jacket is a quilted one, giving it a sleeker and classier finish. Chris styled it casually over a basic black t-shirt and jeans, and that coffee glass in hand did the rest of the job. He kept the zipper less-than-a-half closed and looked just unmatchable.

You can also pair this jacket for the casuals as well as for sophisticated ones. This jacket is so simple yet cool that it would complement everywhere. At this moment, another dope jacket can’t be forgotten – the Lance Voltron Jacket inspired by the main character of the popular animated TV series ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’.

The former cadet pilot was a ladies’ man, and if you are the same naughty guy or even a girl, then the sturdy brown cotton-parachute jacket worn by him in the series is your go-to. The Lance Voltron Jacket has a white hooded collar and blue-colored cuffs and hem-lines. If you are a pocket lover and can’t get over with them, then good news for you – there are two at both sides of the chest, two at the waist, and two inside as well!

Another parachute jacket, but this time in too mesmerizing colors, is a Tyler Locke Locke & Key Jacket. The dark blue, red, and yellow jacket worn by Tyler Locke in the TV series ‘Locke and Key.’ The youthful and buoyant looks of Connor Jessup looked even more refreshing in this jacket. He used to wear this jacket casually over jeans and a black t-shirt but still looked like the perfect portrayal of a sophisticated gentleman.

This Tyler Locke Locke & Key Jacket, like the previously discussed jackets, is the all-rounder that will compliment your every event. Either you need something to rock at your workplace or need a comfortable outfit to feel the happiest with your friends, this jacket will save you big-time!

Let’s leave the TV screens aside and dive into the gaming arena. Many incredible top layers are also present, and nowadays, calling this world ‘the edgiest styling destination’ won’t be wrong. The brown bomber Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket having a classy stand-up collar is taken from the upcoming video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’.

The jacket is the perfect depiction of the word eccentric. The smooth exterior will give you a refined appearance with just minimal efforts, and the red samurai logo at the back would complement your badass personality like a pro. Pair this jacket with basically anything of your choice – and be the eye-candy.

If jackets have not convinced you, then here is an alternative for you as well. How about a woolen coat? The Jensen Ackles Coat is made of the comfiest fabric and having the right amount of vintage vibe. This coat wore by Dean Winchester in the TV series ‘Supernatural’ would fulfill not just your retro love but also the trends craze.

Style this classy coat with your casual outfits or pair it with the typical three-pieces; vest and shirt. The styling of Jensen Ackles looks so familiar with Thomas Shelby from the Peaky Blinders. So, be Thomas or Dean with this Jensen Ackles Coat- the choice is yours! Stay in your comfort zone and look the trendiest with any top layer pleasing your personality.

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