8 Clothing Items To Make Your CRUSH Like You!

8 Clothing Items To Make Your CRUSH Like You!

Unless you’re living in a bubble, you already know there’s an attractive scale of 0 to 10. How attractive do you fall on that scale? Most of us, based on the natural distribution in basic statistics, fall within the average realm anywhere from three to seven. But did you know you can move your positioning in that index scale with strategic steps, such as adding clothing pieces, certain pieces of clothing that structure your body properly like a vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket, that bring out or brighten your skin tone color or structure your face to the point that it makes you more attractive and it moves you up on that scale? Do you want to move up on that scale? Now? I’m sure your answer is yes. And if it is, let’s hop right into the things that will make your crush want you.

  1. A Sweater/Jumper

The first clothing item you can buy that will make you instantly more attractive is a fitted sweater and a jumper. This is essential that every douche should own and honestly, if you look at almost every attractive celebrity, they rock these all the time because they know they get stylists that tell them this all the time these jumpers are elegant, they’re easy to wear because it’s like a T-shirt you just throw them on there also make you look more muscular the thickness of the sweater thickens your defined areas to make your biceps your forum and even your chest a little bit fuller, therefore, more muscular.

  1. Beanies

Rolling on to number two, kind of with that fall winter theme, are beanies. Don’t ask me why but women love seeing dudes in beanies. Now, here is the biggest problem and the warning that comes with this piece of item, this doesn’t work for every dude. It has the tendency to make you look like an idiot, but on the same note, some dudes beanies can not replace anything else in the headwear depart of clothing cause of its attractive-ish looks. If you have an awkward head shape or a head shape that’s not perfectly proportioned, you should know your weaknesses. And don’t wear a beanie because all a beanie will do is highlight your headshot.

  1. A White T-Shirt

As you know, black is slimming, and lighter colors are a little bit thickening. Just like the jumper, a white t-shirt that fits properly has the power of making you look thicker and more muscular. Every time you choose a color, there’s a psychology behind it with white. It’s reassembled with purity, honesty, and cleanliness, all traits that a woman would love to see a guy wearing.

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  1. Sunglasses

The fourth thing that’s going to make you more attractive sunglasses; honestly, it does not matter how ugly you are. If you find a pair of sunglasses that properly suit your face shape, it’s going to make you more attractive.

  1. Black Fitted Jeans

Jeans are one of the most basic things that almost every dude wears but you know blue denim, and like denim, you’ll see that almost everywhere. But it is very rare to see a guy with a good pair of fitted black jeans that will make you stand out but what makes you more attractive is the mystery behind it. As previously stated, when it comes to the color of psychology, black, it’s very mysterious, very deep, very dark. So when you put it on, let’s be honest, you look like a badass, people automatically think that you’re tougher than what you really are, and those traits, for some reason, women loving women find them and perceive them to be more attractive.

  1. Flannels

Honestly, the flannel is such a versatile piece of clothing that every guy should wear, even if you’re not trying to be attractive, but the added benefit is that you will look more attractive when you do wear it. Whether you like it or not. There’s just something cozy about them in the streetwear vibe that it gives you, it’s just so easy to pull off, and you can do it. It comes in so many different colorways and prints that you can be unique with it. You can choose whatever suits your color best for your skin tone the best to really make you stand out and look more stylish.

  1. Boots

Which takes us on to number seven boots! A perfect parent to a flannel when it comes to footwear boots has to be one of my personal favorites because not many know how attractive they can make you look; hands down, there is no other shoe that will make you look as attractive as a nice pair of stylish boots. Mainly because, well, they’re casual. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear them if you’re young, you can wear them if they’re old, but they’re dressier than the group of dudes that always wear sneakers. So you’re in a very good predicament where you’re not going to feel out of place, but also you’re going to stand out from everybody else that dresses down so much. But here’s where it makes you more attractive; It makes you taller, and you know what happens with the taller dudes when it comes to women.


  1. A Leather Jacket

The reason why a leather jacket is THE most essential item to own is that it can give those Bad Boy vibes you’re looking for without actually making any effort or actually being an outlaw. All you had to do was throw it on. That’s the beauty of Mens Motorcycle Jacket. Not to mention, it’s a classic staple. That’s definitely going to stay in. It’s not going to be going in and out of season.

Whether you go into school or you go to work, and you have a crush, all you’re thinking about is what is she going to like? Because all of us guys think that, no matter how you look, you want your crush to like you, for you, these are the 8 things that you can make a part of your wardrobe that you can throw on, and she’ll instantly love you for it.

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