A Timeless Retro-Modern Style Guide ft. Top Layers

A Timeless Retro-Modern Style Guide ft. Top Layers

The evergreen top layers that have endured with us since the beginning of fashion are the vintages. The eternal jackets from the ’80s and ’90s and even before that, are still in fashion. You must be delighted to know that many fashion brands and designers have now accepted the timelessness of these top layers. With the breathtaking Vintage Style Jacket collection infused with a modish touch, these designers strive hard never let them go. And that’s the voices of our hearts too!

While surfing on the internet, you must have come through denim jackets, coats, vests, blazers, and outerwear transformed into stylish, trendy pieces. Thanks to celebrities giving us new trends and styling ideas with the roles they play in their movies and TV series. With the assistance of these characters and efforts of the clothing brands, we have compiled a styling guide, especially for you.


The simple Cafe Racer Leather Jacket has been the most common pick by people belonging from any gender. The sleek finish and sharp cuts of this jacket are adored by bikers and the laymen. Now, you’ll see a common man wearing it over a basic rough outfit, and surprisingly that looks classy as hell!

Initially made for bikers’ safety from every weather condition and mishap, these jackets have now come a long way in the realm of fashion. Just pair this Vintage Style Jacket with anything basic for a perfect casual appearance, or wear it over a fancy dress for semi-formals and formals, and see your personality acquiring that modish take on these retro jackets.


The fashionista ladies from the early era have given us various outfits to choose from to look sexy. If your mind is going towards the fancy disco dresses, then you must be wrong. The real king here is a short-length jacket. This jacket has also become a hot choice for a Halloween Jacket to get a rather stylish look. These chic jackets were worn over, revealing dresses with deep necklines, and you must be surprised that they are still on-trend.

The sexy jacket that is trending nowadays with the same style has come from a video game ‘Final Fantasy 7- Remake’. The red FF7 Remake Jacket with a belt at the hemline and gorgeous zipper-fastening front lifted the outlook of Aerith Gainsborough from the game with a perfect retro-modern exterior design. Get this jacket to feel the energetic and appealing vibes.


The recent TV show that is stealing the spotlight since its first episode is none other than Yellowstone. This TV series has got them all with the amazing cast and gorgeous wardrobe, including a Vintage Style Jacket. You might have seen a lot of top layers included in the outfits of the cast members. That’s because they are the real essence of getting a classic retro appearance. The blue Beth Dutton Coat donned by the beautiful Kelly Reilly in the show is the most prominent top layer from the coat.

That coat gave her personality the actual badass and poised appearance that was required by the character. The vibrant blue color soothed the viewers’ eyes and made her look like an ideal embodiment for a retro-trendy styling role model. This coat makes a perfect Halloween Jacket, and if you are late, then introduce yourself to the latest trends of costume parties. People have opted for this coat for their Halloween costumes for a time now. Just go to the internet and see the class, finish, and vintage outlook of this coat.

Let’s summarize this guide with few words. The variety of outerwear discussed above is picked up from many different worlds. Whether it’s an FF7 Jacketor a biker jacket, all of them will give you that modish look with the vintage vibes that you have always dreamt of. Just go with the right makeup, accessories, and mix and match to get there. I hope this guide has also helped you in choosing a costume for your Fangtastic Halloween!