Akira Jacket: What Made This Jacket So Special?

Akira Jacket: What Made This Jacket So Special?

Red jackets are not like any other jacket; they have deep-rooted meanings from eternity. Red is the most meaningful color of the palette among all other colors. That’s why it is not the common color to wear; everyone wears it for different reasons. That’s why even in movies, these jackets are used to represent something, like Akira JacketIt might sound generic, but this jacket has a very deep cause behind its red color and the pill’s print.


Those who have already watched this movie might have the idea that Akira was a futuristic movie. Even after being three decades old, this movie is still relatable to today’s world. Akira is the kind of movie, we all need right now. It showed the violence, agony, declining state, failing government, almost all the problems we are facing in today’s world.

How the incompetence of the government can destruct the youth is shown in this movie. This movie is the perfect embodiment of problems, which everyone is scared of pointing out. Tetsuo gained telekinetic powers to exchange for a government’s incompatibility that ruined his life and led him towards being a violent creature.

Shotaro is the main protagonist of this movie, the leading member of a biker gang named “Capsule.” His biker gang used to participate in the protests against the government. Their iconic wear is the “red capsule jacket,” a red leather parachute jacket with a capsule behind it. Choosing the red color for this jacket was not a coincidence; it had a meaning behind it.

Red is the color of anger, drama, and rebelliousness. To enhance the personalities of young bikers, red color was the perfect option. Plus, it gave the energetic and courageous buzz, especially Shotaro; he opted for a red leather jacket with red leather pants. He had a fascinating nature; he even fought against his best friend when saving the state.

Red Capsule Akira Jacket

Red Capsule Akira Leather Jacket

In the comics, Otomo used only red color to demonstrate the bikers’ freakishness, but the movie enhanced it a little bit and went for more details like a capsule’s picture on the back. Red color signifies danger, and with the capsule, it has become the most sensational jacket ever. The capsule was also purposeful and had a related meaning.

As the movie never clarified the meaning of the capsule with the phrase “Good For Health, Bad for Education,” fans did it themselves. They depicted the meaning of this as themselves, as the pill represented the gang’s name while the phrase is linked to the pill. It means like this, a person should take medicines for good health, but one should never take so many medicines as they can mess your mind up.

With a disturbed mind, you can’t attend school; hence, bad for education is justified. Nonetheless, some fans were satisfied with this meaning, so they demonstrated their meaning of the Akira Leather JacketAs this jacket is a biker gang’s iconic wear, it represents their name with a picture, and the phrase means that having good and supportive friends is healthy, but spending too much time with them might ruin your future (education).

Which one is more relatable is up to you. The good news is that this jacket is still in trend, despite wearing it on cosplays only, you can always wear it in your daily life. There is no need to give spine-chilling vibes with this rebellious jacket; you can stick to looking dapper only.


Shotaro had a dark past, growing up as an orphan and living a lonely life in Tokyo. When he entered college, he became a leader of this biker gang. Naturally, he has a calm nature, but it depends, as sometimes he can turn into a thunder, destroying everyone ruining his peace. This red jacket was perfect for his personality, plus it embraced his features.

He had a flirty and jolly nature, so this jacket helped him in looking cool among ladies. His skirt-chasing became easy with this jacket, inclusively, if you have any likely quality as Shotaro (except the violent ones), you will rock this jacket and turn the heads with your style.