The Christmas Chronicles is a fun, comic, and light entertainment movie that was released in 2018 and its sequel The Christmas Chronicles 2 in 2020. The two movies are two installments in The Christmas Chronicles film series. People are waiting for the third one. The 1st installment features Kurt Russel, Judah Lewis, Darby Camp, Lamorne Morris, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Oliver Hudson. In the second season, most of the cast returned with a little addition of new faces.


The plot of the movie revolves around Santa Claus and two children. The children observe the presence of Santa Claus in their home and set him up. They follow him and get into his sled, and the sled starts proceeding as the reindeer start to run. But a while later, when Santa Claus notices the presence of children in his sled, he loses balance, and the sled breaks. The gifts get lost too. Now, it was up to the children and Santa Claus to get the gifts back and distribute them among the other children before Christmas morning. Otherwise, the Christmas spirit would die. And the spirit of Christmas is the only reason that people look forward to the holidays. It’s all about perspective. So make sure that the spirit is conjured with candor!


Kurt Vogel Russell is an American actor, and he played the role of Santa Claus in both parts of The Christmas Chronicles. Almost everyone knows the character of Santa Claus. Some mainstream characteristics of this character are loud laughter, a low pitch volume, and a big fat belly. Santa Claus is a jolly good fellow and a peacemaker. He makes people happy by presenting them gifts. In general, Santa Claus is the one who spreads happiness on Christmas Eve. The character that Kurt Russell played was the same and had all these characteristics. Apart from these soft characteristics, Kurt Russell’s dressing and get-up as Santa Claus were exact and on-point too. However, one article was found to be new, unique, and creative, and that is Kurt Russell Christmas Chronicles Red Vest. Kurt Russell wore this red vest in the movie.


Many of the viewers and the general public admire and adore Kurt Russell’s red vest. The movies received mixed feedback of criticism, and praise, but almost everyone loves the vest a lot. People who follow the smell and footsteps of fashion are eagerly waiting to re-engineer the Santa look this Christmas through this iconic vest. The red Santa vest uses fleece fabric and an inner lining of viscose material. This is to keep you warm and calm for long hours. Other main features of the vest are a fastening zipper closure, a stand-up collar, a pair of waist pockets, and a pair of hidden pockets inside the vest. In case you are confused about styling this vest, we have composed a costumed guide for your convenience. Read till the end and create an out-of-the-box look.


The white inner that Santa Claus wears could be any simple white shirt. The choice depends upon your will. If you have something already in your wardrobe and do not want to buy anything else, go for it. But if you do not have anything related and have to buy something ultimately, there are certain considerations. A simple white dress shirt with buttoned closure at the front would be best as you can use it in your office too afterward. But if you are concerned about the cold and you are the person who gets the flu and fever frequently, then you need to keep yourself warm. Go for a white crew-neck sweater or a sweatshirt. In fact, a high neck could be a good option too. Other than these, there is the last option: if you want to buy something casual and less warm, go for a halved closure white shirt like that of Han Solo.


Over the vest, you have an option to wear another coat or a jacket. The Santa Claus coat is red with white strips on the front opening and cuff edges. It could be fur-lined too, and actually, it would look better. The material of the coat could be woolen, fleece, or leather, and it could be a leather jacket too. The Santa Claus coat has a buttoned closure and several pockets at the front. You can find it at any online or onsite store easily, even on sale in the Christmas season.


The outerwear is optional. If your coat is not fur lined from the edges, then you should carry outerwear. And if you could not find any coat, then outerwear is a must-have. It is usually a red-colored long trench coat with a shearling collar and white fur-lined cuff edges. The actor Kurt Russell is wearing a Santa Claus trench coat in some scenes of the two movies. It gives a cool yet bold and sassy look. Your trench coat must have a shearling collar and furry-lined white cuffs. The coat should be front open style. This looks so nice and bold.


Santa Claus wears a black-colored broad belt around his waist. You should tie a belt too to create an exact look that resembles Santa. The belt should be tied over the vest and the coat and not the trench coat or overcoat. You can find this belt at any online or onsite store easily. It is a common and simple belt. Maybe you are already having this in your wardrobe. Santa Claus’ belt is made of leather material, but you do not need to go that far. Just have a simple black belt that is available easily at your disposal.


There are multiple choices for the pants and multiple ways to style the Santa Claus pants. If you are not wearing a coat and a trench coat, and there is a simple vest, then you should wear red-colored skinny chinos. It would be a nice creative dress-up. If you have the trench coat and not the coat, you should wear skinny red chinos or jeans again. However, in other cases, any other pants would work. For example, you can wear trousers, wide leg-jeans, or dress pants. All of these should be red in color.


Usually, Santa Claus wears knee-high leather boots in shiny black color. The shoes must have a white furry trim at the edges. You should tuck your trousers or pants in the shoes to show off the white furry trim. If you do not have the desired shoes, you can wear any shiny black shoes, but your trousers or pants must have a white furry lining and not be tucked into the shoes.


A white thick beard, mustaches and wig, a red and white Santa Claus hat with a white woolen edge and a woolen ball hanging to it, a small sphere-shaped glasses, pair of white gloves, and a red and white Santa Claus sack with “merry Christmas” written on it and the sack must be full of gifts, are the other essentials of a Santa Claus look. You can find these chunks at any store online or onsite. You can buy these items from a sale where these might be sold as add-ons or in some deal. Some other add-ons are a white furry lined small cape tied over the shoulders and a bell in the hands as jingle bells.


You would need a little makeover to get into the character completely. And if you are trying to disguise yourself, then the makeover is essential and foremost. Try broadening and whitening your eyebrows. Make some wrinkles on your facial skin. Mold your voice into a lower pitch once and laugh loud laughter. And yes, do not forget to put something around your waist to make it look like a big fat belly.

This re-engineered Santa Claus look is the best way to impress someone. With the Kurt Russell Christmas Chronicles Red Vest, you can create both a mainstream and a unique out-of-the-box look. You have many choices and ways to be the one at the Christmas party. If you are to go to a party where your rivals will be coming too, then this vest style is the best way to stand out. The party will be all yours. If you are going to the college or university campus, then this vest would be your companion again. Style it in the way you want and keep everyone in the magic. Furthermore, if you are an office person or something else is going on that is keeping you busy and you do not have time to go to parties, then simply wear the red Kurt Russell vest anywhere you go so that your Christmas spirit would not die.

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