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Here is to all the Movie Inspired Jackets

Get ready to flaunt Oliver tree jackets and other Movie Jackets!

Movie success isn’t just about the story, it’s about the wardrobe too! Whereas an actor’s success has been the most important factor in portraying a role, their attire is also important because it allows them to bring the performance to life as there have been some classic items of clothing out there that have been […]

Why Is Akira Considered As The Best Anime Ever?

Why Is Akira Considered As The Best Anime Ever?

Akira — the legendary anime that reverted the whole anime world. Three decades have passed since this anime has hit our screens, but the trembling from Akira’s name is still the same. The legendary movie is not only a triumph of anime success but also a great inspiration for much other anime. Akira Jacket and Kaneda’s character […]