What Surprises and Mysteries Cobra Kai Brings?

The continuation of The Karate Kids — Cobra Kai — is recently all set to go for the third season. Coming to the screens after a long 30-year gap from the Karate Kids movie series, fans have warmly welcomed the TV series on Netflix after Youtube Premium. The legendary Cobra Kai Jacket brought back all the childhood […]

Why Is Akira Considered As The Best Anime Ever?

Akira — the legendary anime that reverted the whole anime world. Three decades have passed since this anime has hit our screens, but the trembling from Akira’s name is still the same. The legendary movie is not only a triumph of anime success but also a great inspiration for much other anime. Akira Jacket and Kaneda’s character […]

Cobra Kai: Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed!

Cobra Kai has reached to Netflix from Youtube Premium — meaning every ‘The Karate Kid’ fan has already binge-watched it! If you are one of the fans who streamed both seasons in just a week, then there is a chance you might have skipped upon the little details. As the TV series continues the movie […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Fashion: Features You Need To Know!

The incredible visual appeal of Cyberpunk 2077 has brought all the gamer boys and girls to the yard. If it wasn’t clear before, it is highly prominent now that Cyberpunk 2077 is a hub of fashion inspirations. From Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket to high tech accessories, the role-playing action video game makes a huge hype for its fashion […]

Yellowstone: A Short Recap before You Stream Season 3!

Yellowstone — the TV series shot on the beautiful plains of Montana has got everything in it. From action-filled thrilling fights to the gorgeous wardrobe collection of each character, every single aspect has no competitors anywhere else. The Beth Dutton Blue Coat became the most popular, even more than that episode, as soon as it first appeared […]

There May Never Be Another Series As Good As Yellowstone, Why?


Yellowstone – a modern-day Western TV drama that has revived the love of family sagas in viewers worldwide. Dutton’s own the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the states, and the whole plot revolves around different characters related to the Dutton family. The Yellowstone Merchandise has a different fan base, ready to pounce on any new item inspired […]

Akira Jacket: What Made This Jacket So Special?

Red jackets are not like any other jacket; they have deep-rooted meanings from eternity. Red is the most meaningful color of the palette among all other colors. That’s why it is not the common color to wear; everyone wears it for different reasons. That’s why even in movies, these jackets are used to represent something, […]

Riverdale Rumors: What Will Happen In Season 5?


All the retro diners, modern technology, and iconic Riverdale Jackets might confuse an individual about when everything is happening. The whole gang is particular in their actions and style considering the stark and unusual atmosphere of the set. Every new season is followed by rumors and hype for the upcoming one; even the perception that Riverdale is […]