Bold and Bright Options for Howl-oween!

Bold and Bright Options for Howl-oween!

Are you excited and hyped for Halloween this year? The recent pandemic hitting us has caused a little uncertainty, and it might be a little unfeasible to enjoy Halloween the way everyone used to in the previous years. Nevertheless, nothing can stop you from wearing your favorite outfits this year so stay tuned for the best, bold and bright options for Halloween 2020!

Starting with the mesmerizing Asa Butterfield Jacket, it is one of the most common top layers worn by Halloween celebrators worldwide! Asa Butterfield is widely known for his role in the iconic series Sex Education. The jacket comprises of three bright colors, which are striped horizontally. It might not be a little spooky, but young teenagers who can relate to Otis Milburn might want to opt for this outerwear.

Moreover, if you are the one who likes to experience new things and wants to step outside of their comfort zone, then this non-typical option is for you! The Billy Russo The Punish Jacket, from the famous Marvel television series The Punisher, has been gaining a lot of traction since last year. Billy Russo used to be a special force agent in the comics but later became a supervillain in The Punisher series.

Who does not love the role of a supervillain? These types of characters are the ones who bring interest to the series and keep fans hooked to their television screens. The top layer of Billy Russo’s outfit is a long leather jacket, and these jackets have always been a symbol of strength and power. If you are looking for a classy but evil look this Halloween, then this option is ideal for you!

The well-known British singer Chris Martin and his iconic Spanish song, Viva La Vida, gained a lot of popularity at the time of release and still has many viewers every month. Listeners of the video song were more enticed by the top layer worn by Chris Martin than any other visual. Yes, Chris had set trends by introducing a military-style jacket into everyday fashion!

The trend was quickly picked up by fashion enthusiasts worldwide, and to this day, people are still rocking the Chris Martin Viva JacketThis is also a potential bold choice for your costume this year, as a military-style jacket will go with any outfit you pick! On Halloween, people dress up in their favorite anime characters, movie characters, or game character.

A game with a massive following, Final Fantasy, has been leading the gaming industry since the start of this century. The latest being Final Fantasy VII, gamers now enjoy a clear and high definition quality image of the game and their favorite characters. One of the fan favorites is Remake Tifa, who is a very brave warrior. Fans love to wear the FF7 Remake Jacket in comic cons and Halloween to show their love for their favorite show and rock the streets as a brave warrior!

Moreover, celebrities have been influencing people around the world with their creativity. Most people opt for easy costumes rather than thinking out of the box and exploring new ideas. Some celebrities dress up as a witch, dress up as a ghost, or even dress up as a cartoon! Celebrities have been seen wearing all types of Celebrity Halloween Costumes mentioned above, even a Mermaid!

It is surprising to see how easy it is for celebrities to promote their ideas, their fashion sense, and creativity throughout the world. Those of you who do not wish to experience on their own, have a look at them to see how they are rocking and coming up with new ideas every year on Halloween! In the end, whatever you decide to wear, remember Halloween is all about having fun and spending time with family. After choosing the right outfit, do not forget to flex it in front of your friends and family and show them your outfit choice is better than theirs!