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8 Ball Jackets Collection

8 ball jackets or eight ball jackets are classical jackets that were first launched by designer Micheal Hoban in the early 1990’s.Micheal is a San-francisco based designer who created a fashion which is followed till the date. His famous time period when he was on the rise was the 60’s. He launched his bestseller designs back in that decade. And when several designers entered the market and started to bring the fashion trend to the low level, He entered the market to alter and fix the entire fashion trend. He changed the entire fashion statement. The designs he created in his time are still alive and folks love to don and carry the legacy in fashion that he left. His 8 ball jackets entered the ramp, beating all other outfits in early 1990 and still opening doors of fashion to the people. The 8 ball athletic design features the vibrant colors on sleeves and back  that are so eye-catching and work amazingly in both morning and evening events. 

We introduce the replica of the whole range of 8 ball leather jackets to let you refresh your whole fashion mood ever. The whole range includes 8 Ball David Puddy leather bomber jacket, 8 Ball Shearling both black and pink hooded bomber jackets, Seinfeld David Puddy the reverse peephole 8 Ball bomber leather jacket, Women’s 8 Ball Pool bomber leather jacket.

One of the eight ball jackets was spotted by Patrick Warburton as a David Puddy, the role he portrayed in Seinfeld. He wore this jazziest 8 ball jacket in the famous sitcom Seinfeld which is based on everyday life of Jerry and his group of friends in New york city. The whole play revolves around the wacky questions they come across in their everyday life.

The eight ball jacket range has different styling and stitching which offers variety and versatility to be added to one’s wardrobe. The detachable shearling hooded collar makes the jackets more appealing in the winterish days. Most of those available jackets are created using real leather and can be customized in polyester as well. The sporty design makes it casual for your everyday look as well as for your sports events.

The deluxe 8ball jacket is not reachable for everyone except the one who can really afford it as it is sold for around $800 in the countrywide shops of north beach leathers. But you have the privilege to get the look alike replicas from our shop at the most reasonable prices. If you’re worried about the quality of leather then we assure you the best products which show a fine combination of industry and craftsmanship. 

Each of the 8 ball leather jacket features a unique combination of vibrant colors that makes the viewer spellbound for a few moments. Its finely stitched colored pieces of leather give it an unconventional look that never fails to amaze everyone in the room. Surprise your loved one who is a fashion freak and tends to always look cool and admiring. 

The 8 ball jackets for sale are everything one can think of when it comes to reasonability added to the plushiest apparels. We present you an incredible assortment of leather 8 ball jackets at the most affordable prices, which are further discounted during the fantastic sale.


Who is Micheal Hoban? 

Micheal Hoban was a San-Francisco based fashion designer who created leather fashion in 1960 under the name of “North Beach Leathers”. 

Who created 8 ball jackets?

Micheal Hoban is the designer behind this classical vintage design that he created in 1960. It came back to fashion again beating all other jackets.

Who is David puddy?

David Puddy is a fictional character of a famous comedy sitcom Seinfeld.

What is seinfeld?

Seinfeld is a famous comedy sitcom that features Jerry Seinfeld which is mostly based on the real life situations and acquaintances of Jerry Seinfeld AKA Larry david.

Where can I buy 8 ball leather jackets?

There are several brands selling the entire range of 8 ball pool jackets including Just American Jackets. The difference between any other brand is the quality assurance that we provide to our clientele.