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Amp up your whole style with badass biker’s jackets For Men

Folks often don’t know about motorcycle jacket mens and if they knew, they often confuse the designs of jackets. Talking about where it comes from, The first biker’s jacket was designed in 1913 and released in 1928 on the market. It was revolutionized with time and now we see what it has. It took a very long time to create a position in people’s minds. It got famous when it was worn by a famous Hollywood celebrity Marlon Brando in 1950 in the US.  

Biker’s jackets are usually associated with several zipper pockets and snap tabs. It’s specifically designed for riders to keep them secured from road rash. After the movie got hit, all the riders got alert and began to own biker jackets. Men’s moto jackets are never behind when it’s about adopting the style gear. The best part of moto jackets is that it is ageless, timeless, and genderless apparel that anyone of any age at any time of the year can don but still one can hesitate due to their unique and dominating features.

Let’s discuss some main features of the biker’s jacket;

Common features in men’s biker jackets

There are several types of men’s biker jackets having vintage styles which are well-liked by people all around the world. The main types of men’s motorcycle jackets are a double rider jacket and a cafe racer. Both are the designs of men’s moto jackets and hold great importance in their positions. Although both of them lie in the category of biker jackets for men but have great variations when compared. It differs in every other thing from its comfort to the whole statement it may create when worn. Some of the main features of biker jackets are discussed below.

  • Front fastenings and collar type

Mens motorcycle jackets are usually differentiated by fastenings and collar types from other jackets. Mostly it either has a diagonal zipper or sometimes straight too. Diagonal zippers are usually featured with a lapel collar in a double rider jacket which is famous among youngsters as well as adults too. Whereas cafe racer biker jackets have minimal straight zipper fastening with snap-tab collars giving a simple, decent yet casual look. It makes it something that can be worn by anyone. 

  • Pockets designs 

Some biker jackets have more pockets like the double rider mens biker jacket. It usually has 3 or 4 diagonal pockets. While some have max two pockets with a pair of pockets inside the jacket. All in all, it has enough pockets to make enough room for your essentials.

  • Design and details

The design of the jacket with its detailing makes it stand out among all the other jackets. 

It’s not a plight to recognize between the two subdivisions of biker’s jackets as the designs of the jackets say it for themselves. Double rider biker jacket men have a more funky and swanky look with its silver zipping and sometimes studs too to speak for themselves. It may have the waist belt attached, unlike the cafe racer.  At the same time, the cafe racer men’s biker jacket is something that has an austere effect. This keeps the wearer of the jacket, elegant enough to walk everywhere. It makes it way easier to be carried with any of your ensembles. 

  • Featured sleeves

Sleeves always tend to be so eye-catching since when one’s supposed to meet someone, they lean their arm forward to shake hands first. The cafe racer has open hem cuffs with straight full sleeves. Same time double rider has zippered cuffs with fitted sleeves that revamp anyone’s panache.

  • Padded shoulders

Since bikers jackets were initially created for motorcycle riders. Its features blend in with the needs of the riders. Shoulders and elbows need to be padded in case riders have road rash if they face any road accident. They are not usually attached in men’s leather racer jackets yet sometimes they are also lined with quilted leather pads. 

  • Made with durable yet soft material 

The leather used in it is supposed to be durable enough to keep the rider safe from the strong winds he’s going to bear while speeding up his bike. Simultaneously it’s comfortable enough for a rider to move his arms while accelerating the motorbike. Some jackets have a sleek and polished texture while some have rubbed matt texture. Bikers jackets are also available in suede leather, real leather as well as faux leather.

After discussing the differences, let’s discuss a little bit about styling the motorcycle leather jacket men.

Styling mens biker leather jacket

There are several ways to amp up your style with the help of a biker jacket for men. It provides an assortment of ideas for creating new styles.

The most unwavering combination which creates an inexplicable vibe is to layer yourself up with a plain casual white T-Shirt and a blue pair of denim. Add a black pair of shades to completely accessorize the entire look. Or simply wear a light-colored sweater inside instead of a tee shirt if it’s too cold and you want to keep it snuggled with a leather racer jacket.

Another option is to grab the whole black attire with a brown biker’s jacket to embellish it with a more engaging look. Accessorize it with black shades and a digital watch to make it even more captivating. Donning it, either way can take you a long way in adorning yourself. If being formal worries you about the outerwear, go with cafe racer as it has the versatility to combine any of the looks and give a natural feel. Or pick up a black mock-neck fitted shirt with a black pair of cotton pants and black boots. It will undoubtedly give you the most eye-catching look and influence everyone in the room.

If you’re still in doubt, layer up with a sweater and then don a double-rider jacket. Double rider also has the characteristics to combine with several outfits, be they casual or formal. 

Give yourself a go to get quality and comfort

All in all, motorcycle leather jackets men have great features only if you’re a biker’s jacket lover. It can create a great influence with the aplomb of the great styling statement that you can create wearing it. Motorcycle jackets can never fail to keep you safe from bike rides as well as from floundering your fashion among the people in the room. Treat yourself by adding one to your wardrobe with free shipping and incredible prices with greater discounts. We assure you about the quality, durability, pricing, and everything that you must be looking for. Our customer service is always active to resolve your queries with great satisfaction. So stop thinking and make a decision now!