Choose Your Next Best Outerwear From Our Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jacket Collection

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jacket Collection

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the beloved police procedural comedy, has captivated audiences with its unique humor and memorable characters. Set in the fictional 99th precinct of the NYPD, the show follows the antics and adventures of a diverse group of detectives led by Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, and Rosa Diaz, portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz. And the Brooklyn Nine-Nine jacket collection is now available at Just American Jackets!

One of the standout aspects of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is its distinct character styles. Each character’s wardrobe reflects their personality and bold fashion choices. Fans of the hit TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine can now bring a piece of their favorite show into their wardrobe with the exclusive Brooklyn Nine-Nine jacket collection

Are you also looking forward to buying some amazing jackets and puffers? Hold on and scroll down our collection of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ll surely find some eye-catching pieces. 

Top Pick From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clothing Line

Our Brooklyn Nine-Nine merchandise features iconic jackets worn by the beloved characters, allowing fans to showcase their admiration in style. We have picked some for you and in this blog, we’ll highlight three standout pieces from this collection.

Let’s have a look at them without any further ado! 

  1. Dress Stylishly With Stephanie Beatriz Black Quilted Jacket

Dress Stylishly With Stephanie Beatriz Black Quilted Jacket

One of the most iconic characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Rosa Diaz, portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz. Known for her tough demeanor and impeccable style, Rosa’s wardrobe is every fan favorite. And this jacket, that we have created, is a perfect representation of her edgy yet classic look. You can purchase it from our series collection at a discounted price. 

The Stephanie Beatriz Black Leather Jacket is made up of high-quality real leather that ensures durability and a sleek finish. It has a viscose lining that provides comfort and warmth, making it suitable for all-day wear. Moreover, it features a zipper closure and lapel collar adding a touch of classic biker style. Also, the jacket has full-length sleeves with elastic cuffs to ensure a snug fit. Apart from its quilted design, the jacket also features two outside pockets and one inside pocket. This provides the wearer with ample space to carry his accessories.

Here’s how to style this jacket; 

  • Casual Chic

  • Top: White graphic t-shirt
  • Bottom: Black skinny jeans
  • Shoes: White sneakers

This casual chic look is perfect for everyday wear. The white graphic t-shirt adds a touch of personality, while the black skinny jeans keep the outfit sleek. Also, white sneakers provide comfort and a casual vibe!

  • Edgy Elegance

  • Top: Black turtleneck sweater
  • Bottom: Dark blue ripped jeans
  • Shoes: Black ankle boots

For an elegant look, pair the jacket with a black turtleneck sweater and dark blue ripped jeans. Also, wearing black ankle boots will add a hand of sophistication to your ensemble.

  • Office Ready

  • Top: White button-down shirt
  • Bottom: Black tailored pants
  • Shoes: Black loafers

Transform the jacket into a work-appropriate piece by pairing it with a white button-down shirt and black pants. Moreover, black loafers maintain a professional appearance while ensuring comfort. 

  • Look Bold With Stephanie Beatriz Brown Leather Jacket


For fans of the fearless and enigmatic Rosa Diaz, this jacket is a piece that brings her yet stylish essence to the wearer. Rosa’s character, brought to life by Stephanie Beatriz, is known for her mysterious persona and distinctive fashion sense. Also, this brown biker jacket is a perfect representation of her bold and lavish style.

We have crafted this jacket from genuine leather to maintain quality and durability. The viscose lining ensures comfort, making it ideal for all-day wear. Moreover, it features a front zipper closure, complemented by zipper details at both waist sides, adding to its biker aesthetic. Also, the Stephanie Beatriz Brown Biker Jacket has a biker-style lapel collar that enhances its edgy look. The full-length sleeves with padding style provide a snug and protective fit. With four zipper pockets at the front and one inward pocket, this jacket offers ample storage space, combining usability with fashion.

  • Weekend Vibes

  • Top: Striped t-shirt
  • Bottom: Light wash boyfriend jeans
  • Shoes: Brown ankle boots

For a relaxed weekend look, pair the jacket with a striped t-shirt and light jeans. Also, use brown ankle boots to complement the jacket. 

  • Night Out

  • Top: Black camisole
  • Bottom: Faux leather leggings
  • Shoes: Stiletto heels

Turn heads on a night out by pairing the jacket with a black camisole and faux leather leggings. Moreover, using Stiletto heels will add height and glamor to your appearance.

  • Boho Chic

  • Top: Floral blouse
  • Bottom: Maxi skirt
  • Shoes: Brown gladiator sandals

For a boho chic ensemble, style the jacket with a floral blouse and a flowing maxi skirt. Furthermore, brown gladiator sandals will enhance the bohemian vibe, making it perfect for a music festival or a casual day out.

  • Steal the Limelight With Andy Samberg Puffer Black Vest

Steal the Limelight With Andy Samberg Puffer Black Vest

Moving forward, we have another essential piece in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine jacket collection that is the puffer vest of Andy. Inspired by the charismatic and often hilarious character Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, this vest is a must-have for fans of the show.

We made Andy Samberg Black Puffer Vest from parachute fabric. So, this outerwear is known for its lightweight and durable properties. The viscose lining on the inside also adds an extra layer of comfort. Moreover, it features buttoned closure and stand-up collar to provide a stylish and practical touch. With three outside pockets and two inside pockets, this vest offers ample storage space, making it ideal for everyday wear.

  • Casual Day Out

  • Top: Grey hoodie
  • Bottom: Dark blue jeans
  • Shoes: White sneakers

For a casual day out, pair the black puffer vest with a gray hoodie and dark blue jeans. This combination is comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Also, wearing white sneakers will add a clean and sporty touch to your casual vibe.

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • Top: Flannel shirt
  • Bottom: Cargo pants
  • Shoes: Hiking boots

Pair this vest with a flannel shirt for a rugged and outdoorsy look. Additionally, wearing cargo pants will offer durability and ease of movement. Also, don’t forget to wear your hiking boots while going for the outdoor adventure.

  • Urban Street Style

  • Top: Black turtleneck
  • Bottom: Slim-fit joggers
  • Shoes: High-top sneakers

For a stylish urban street look, layer the black puffer vest over a black turtleneck and pair it with slim-fit joggers. This monochromatic base creates a sleek appearance. Also, use high-top sneakers to add a trendy and sporty element to the outfit. 

Ready for a Stylish Beginning? 

At Just American Jackets, we ensure to create jackets and coats that are popular and well-liked among the audience. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine jacket collection is another feather in our cap showcasing that we heard our customers. This is why we have brought to you a distinct style of its characters. All the mentioned jackets are our standout pieces and you can find many more in the collection. Shop now!