Chris Prat Ignites Controversy by Wearing the Gadsden Flag T-Shirt

Chris Prat Ignites Controversy by Wearing the Gadsden Flag T-Shirt

Notably, Pratt, who will be seen in action in the upcoming film Onward, has never officially expressed his opinion to consider himself superior to non-whites. However, fans seemed to be quite angry at the actor for wearing the t-shirt containing the controversial flag which has been considered to be the symbol of white supremacy by many. But for some transparency, linking the Gadsden flag with racial supremacy is not a good idea as there is not enough evidence to back the argument.

In a conversation with the Fox News anchor, actor Dean Cain has opened up about his thoughts on the flag. “There’s nothing in the world racist about the Gadsden flag. That flag symbolizes liberty and independence,” Cain said. Interestingly, many have come forward in support of Chris Pratt on social media and have criticized the Yahoo article which highlighted him as a ” White Supremacist ”. The Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took it to Twitter saying, “Not every symbol of the early republic is a white supremacist symbol unless you are a moron,”

The baseless allegations by the Yahoo authors forced the renowned columnist Jonah Goldberg to say a few words in support of Pratt. Goldberg wrote, “Shame on ⁦@Yahoo⁩ for this trash,” syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg reacted. “A handful of dumb Twitter comments isn’t a news story you click-baiting parasites. There nothing white supremacist about that T-shirt. It’s like everyone wants to be stupid and make everything worse.”

All this may sound funny as earlier, Chris Pratt’s wardrobe took the internet by storm with that Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt Star-Lord Coat. Whereas, this time, it’s quite the opposite. However, blaming Pratt’s wardrobe for unverified allegations does not sound good at all. Rather, it reflects pure immaturity of the majority of the commentators who are self assuming the intentions of the man with a pure heart.

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