Cobra Kai: Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed!

Cobra Kai: Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed!

Cobra Kai has reached to Netflix from Youtube Premium — meaning every ‘The Karate Kid’ fan has already binge-watched it! If you are one of the fans who streamed both seasons in just a week, then there is a chance you might have skipped upon the little details. As the TV series continues the movie trilogy from the ‘80s, the creators have kept the contact between the two intact. In all the references and many hidden Easter Eggs, the classic Cobra Kai Jacket has remained the same. Have a brief look at some of them;

The Classic Rules:

The rules which were the core principles of Johnny throughout his training with his master — Kreese — were also in the TV series. He painted all three of them on the wall of his Cobra Kai dojo. The first episode shows that the classic Johnny’s yellow and black is back and will stay in the TV series till the end. The rules used to keep Johnny motivated will now make his students as consistent and aggressive just like him!

Washing Cars — A Lesson or Just a Chore? 

Daniel took the chores as a way of learning. The ‘wax on wax off’ motto of cleaning cars from the movie is slightly altered in the TV series. Johnny took them as just chores and can be done anyway; there is no such thing as ‘a certain way of doing a chore.’ Waxing cars, sanding floors, and painting the fences all were the chores assigned by the Sensei of both Johnny and Daniel as a part of their learning. Training with chores is a ‘Daniel’s thing’ in Cobra Kai, but Johnny, on the other hand, passes on it.

Bananarama is Alive!

The Bananarama reference is used in the TV series a lot of times. Do you remember the episode where Daniel was preparing breakfast for his kids, which he named ‘Bananarama’? It was inspired by the popular musical band of the ‘80s — the time when The Karate Kid was released. The band’s most hit song ‘Cruel Summer’ also made its place in the hottest single list of that time as it starred in the movie. The same song is used by Josh Heald — the creator of the TV series — in episode 10 of the first season. However, it was a cover sung by Kari Kimmel.

The Best Halloween Outfit:

Johnny wore the same Halloween costume that he wore in the 1984’s movie. The black costume with a white skeleton printed on the front was first worn by him in The Karate Kid. He wore the same in season 1 in episode 3, which looked like he used the exact costume after 34 years once again! It had no difference!

The All-Valley Karate Tournament Ad:

The TV series would have looked incomplete without the appearance of the name of the popular tournament. It refreshes the pain of Johnny, who got defeated by Daniel in the same tournament, but for fans, it was a nostalgic and magical moment. Everybody loved the advertisement for ‘The All-Valley Karate Tournament’ in the magazine in episode 7 of the first season.

The Special Trick of Miyagi:

The super-remedy of Miyagi that he used to cure Daniel in the movie was also there in episode 7 of the first season. However, it didn’t work when Daniel tried it. The rubbing of hands together proved to be the art of Sensei Miyagi only as Daniel then called the paramedics staff.

Cobra Kai Is Not Going Anywhere:

The scene showing the old Cobra Kai dojo in season 1’s episode 6 was such a special moment. The recent dojo of Johnny isn’t similar to the one that he was in the ‘80s. The big mural took us back to the time of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

In episode 6, we finally saw the old Cobra Kai members reuniting with the continuous efforts of Johnny. He was reminiscing the old times with his friends and the last adventure that they all went on before the death of Tommy.

The iconic Cobra Kai Leather Jacket having a cobra printed on it was also present in the TV show. This jacket was the signature of Johnny in the movie. All of these things prove that Cobra Kai will lead the whole TV series — Daniel, stay cautious!

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