Cobra Kai: Karate Kid’s Much Needed Extension

Cobra Kai: Karate Kid's Much Needed Extension

November has started, which means there is only a month left in Cobra Kai’s third season. If you follow the rumors, the big break for this series happened when Netflix picked it up. The filming for the third season was finished in 2019, but everything had to shuffle due to the disturbed schedules.

Cobra Kai exceeded the expectations of The Karate Kid fans with an exciting show of martial arts and brilliant apparel like the Cobra Kai JacketThe hype for this show doubled when the news of season three coming to the famous streaming site reached fans. People who were deprived of this quality content after the original movies are rejoicing by binge-watching the last two seasons. The third season will be available for eager fans from January 8.

Since Cobra Kai is mainly famous for its picture-perfect cast, here is all you need to know about the dynamic faces making this show irresistible.

Daniel LaRusso – Ralph Macchio 

The protagonist, charmer, and one of the most famous names in The Karate Kid series, Daniel LaRusso, has the whole fan following gushing about him. Since he is a central character, he has all the limelight. Now at 49, he is still as handsome as he was in the movies. The series picks up the storyline 34 years after the first installment in The Karate Kid series. He undermines Cobra Kai to stop Johnny from creating more bullies.

Amanda LaRusso – Courtney Henggeler 

The wife of Daniel LaRusso owns the LaRusso Auto Group, along with her husband. She is brilliant in all aspects and supports her husband when he decides to return to karate and plays a vital role in thawing the ice between Daniel and Johnny. Whatever rift they had in the past, Amanda helps her husband move past it. She is there with her husband backing him up at every step. They both sold ten cars as a tedious task and saved their company.

Miguel Diaz – Xolo Maridueña 

Johnny’s neighbor, he is a teenager who has asthma. He possesses low self-esteem and is attacked by a group of filthy rich bullies in the first season of Cobra Kai. He is the first student in Johnny’s dojo after Johnny fights for him against the bullies. At first, his relationship with Johnny was a bumpy one, but soon Johnny warmed up to him and started caring for him. Miguel plays an important role throughout the series, making him the center of attention of young fans.

Johnny Lawrence – William Zabka

The secondary antagonist of the action-adventure series The Karate Kid – Johnny Lawrence’s role is played by William Zabka. He is an antagonist in the film series and performs as one of the central characters in the series. The biggest rival of LaRusso, he has hard luck when it comes to relationships and life success. He is shown as a strict instructor who demoted the entire group of students to a white belt after a major clash in the first season.

Samantha LaRusso – Mary Mouser

Daniel and Amanda’s daughter, this young girl is only a 16-year-old sweetheart. Portrayed by the charming Mary Mouser, this character is fierce and charismatic. Her father taught her karate from a very early age. But even this could not keep her relationship with her father smooth – they both had their differences, and when Samantha felt that her dad was meddling in her personal life too, she felt defensive. This strained their relationship and gave fans a new thing to focus on.

Robby Keene – Tanner Buchanan

Johnny’s son, Robby Keene, is just a 16-year-old school dropout. He spends his days doing illegal stuff like stealing from the neighborhood, and the petty antics bring him in the center of the fire. He impresses Daniel thoroughly when he enters the Karate Championship even though he had banished Robby earlier after finding out about his father. He fights under Miyagi-Do and Daniel’s guidance and bonds nicely with Samantha when he moves in with the LaRusso’s.

Eli Moskowitz/Hawk – Jacob Bertrand

Demetri’s friend in school, Eli Moskowitz, commonly known as Hawk, has a post-surgery scar from a cleft lip. He is often cyberbullied for this and becomes a quiet individual. With his sensitive and shy personality, he is soon diagnosed to be an autism spectrum. Nicknamed ‘lip’ by Johnny, he transforms his attitude under Johnny’s guidance. He has shown immense character development in the show, making him one of the fan favorites.   

All these characters are vital for the success of the third season and have done a splendid job at keeping everyone hooked to their performances. The Cobra Kai Leather Jacket displayed throughout the show has now become a cosplay staple for fans!