Crazy Gift Ideas for Best Friends


A gift is probably the best source of making your rude friend smile and spreading love among your beloved ones. For centuries, humans have realized the importance of gifts which is why this act has been practices to date. A gift is considered to be a way to express your love towards the receiver and says a lot about the strength of your bond with the relevant person. Since planet Earth is home to thousands of cultures, every society has set its own standard in terms of gifts.

There are African countries where a cow is best for a gift, whereas in western countries gifting apparel certainly a leather wear or a Cotton Jacket is the best thing your friend would like to receive specifically if the winter is about to invade your town. As the later sounds quite better, it’s absolutely normal to send thickly layered outerwear to the address of your friend or even the girlfriend to put a smile on their faces.

But wait, aren’t we talking about the crazy stuff to surprise the receiver? I guess, yeah! So, let’s jump down and get your mind filled with numerous ideas for gifts.

The Toilet Mug

You know a friend of yours who is too good at taking dozens of cups of coffee a day, gifting toilet mug capable of containing 12 ounces of liquid will definitely make him smile. In fact, he would likely to remember you in the morning as drinking coffee in the toilet mug would remind him of you.

For that chef in the group!

Got a chef in your group and a StarWars die heart fan, now that’s hard to get by combination of a person but if there’s any, oh man, it would be hilarious to get your friend a C-3PO Apron on his birthday or something, so they could wear it every day and remember that there’s someone who knows them by heart. And that’s why we called them friends right!

Bullshit Button

Sometimes It happens your colleague at the office starts speaking rubbish and be the most talkative being annoying you all day. Who knows if your friend might have been going through the same situation at the workplace for a very long time? Well, we know announcers are everywhere and your friend is surely in need of something magical to bring an end to the chapter of that talkative guy. What you can do is that you buy your friend the official bullshit button which makes aware of the crappy talk of the unwanted guy to those in the office room. If this does good enough, you better not be disappointed and go a bit down to discover more interesting stuff.

A Jacket Maybe!

A nice jacket sounds great if you know the taste of the receiver, getting in the rabbit hole of selecting a style meets his/her standards, instead, getting an inspired jacket from something your friend is obsessed with that maybe a childhood show cartoon or movie that you guys have watched thousands of times and just can’t get over with. Let’s take an example of Dragon Ball Z, for all the 19’s kids this is the real jam right here and just getting a figure from the cartoon was like a dream come true, so imagine the excitement on your friend’s face while unwrapping Dragon Ball Z Goku Leather Jacket.

Dragon Ball Z Guko Leather Jacket

Camera Lens Mug

It seems like mugs are dominating the gift industries! The third one comes to the camera lens mug which looks no different than a real camera. If your bestie is into capturing the scenes in a camera, there is nothing to gift him other than the camera lens mug. This amazing yet a bit crazy thing will not be used as a showpiece but rather as a coffee mug.

Beard Head

Beards are in trend these days and your best friend might be one of the admirers of hipster beards. Even if he isn’t, the bearded head will not ruin his mood at all. It can be used as a tool to stay warm and tackle the wintry season while covering the head in the best way possible. In case, your friend doesn’t really take care of his health in the winter, you are recommended to get a copy of the bearded head and deliver it to your closest ally.

Probably Something Stupid!

As every best friend know the most embarrassing, happiest and best moments of your life and also the sad stuff, so getting they can remember that time but in a good gesture, in order to give such a present, those Ex-knife set would be the best option for that. So, it will remind him/her’s worst decision and hopefully knows better what’s better and what not and don’t wet your shoulder next time as you are the best friend right! or their crying pillow.

Flying Fish

No, science hasn’t discovered a fish with the ability to fly in the air! The flying fish thing is controlled by a remote device which lets it go into the air touching up the roof. Frankly speaking, it is the craziest gift for your bestie, period.

The internet is full of tons of ideas for a crazy gift, yet taking a look at them would only make you confused and scratch your head. In short, you don’t need to google the title of the article for more recommendations. Instead, rely on the provided suggestions and see if any of them work.

The internet is full of tons of ideas for a crazy gift, yet taking a look at them would only make you confused and scratch your head. In short, you don’t need to google the title of the article for more recommendations. Instead, rely on the provided suggestions and see if any of them work. For some, giving a gift is like one of the hardest things to do, even when you know everything about your friend that doesn’t help at all, even then you are going to be in the rabbit hole if you ask Uncle Google for the suggestions. Going for the things that caught your eye at first glance and you think your friend would be happy to receive it getting that one could be a better option.

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