Cyberpunk 2077 Fashion: Features You Need To Know!

Cyberpunk 2077 Fashion: Features You Need To Know!

The incredible visual appeal of Cyberpunk 2077 has brought all the gamer boys and girls to the yard. If it wasn’t clear before, it is highly prominent now that Cyberpunk 2077 is a hub of fashion inspirations. From Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket to high tech accessories, the role-playing action video game makes a huge hype for its fashion features.

2020 is the year of fusion- from cosplay outfits to favorite merchandise, everything is being utilized in the real world. The boundary between virtual and real is blurred to a great extent now. Living hand in hand with technology requires specific changes in the lifestyle, which is only possible when you step up your fashion game.

Elements essential to survive the Cyberpunk 2077 landscape are somewhat relatable to the atmosphere of the current world. While you look around to make your outfits stealthy and unique, do not forget that Cyberpunk has a whole collection of items ready to level up your wardrobe game!

Sturdy Combat Boots

The Cyberpunk world is full of action and deviance. Rebellions and fights do not happen in flip flops exactly. Footwear decides your stance in any given situation, and a sturdy pair will help you hold your ground in a heavy combat situation. A pair of combat boots is not an unfamiliar thing; as soon as winter arrives, people take out their sturdiest set. But with Cyberpunk inspired outfits, only the most durable ones will work. Badass and dapper, an outfit with a rugged jacket and combat boots is bound to make you the center of attention!

Smart Vision Shades 

For real-life cyberpunk fashion, there are some essentials no one should miss out on. Augmented reality sunglasses, aka smart shades, are an essential part of the high tech culture. In the game, tracking physical stats is a must; profile check of sketchy new characters and an insight into the human cybernetics is one of the main features of the game. For real-life, though, these shades will prove to be an iconic addition to your complete outfit. In the cosplay world, these shades can change the whole game.

Gravity Gloves 

Indicating powers that can never be exhibited in real life, these powerful pair of gloves still harbors a lot of attention from the fashion fanatics. Anything that screams chic and looks high tech is considered a spot-on piece in the current time. Besides their technical beauty, they also do their job perfectly. By providing warmth and leaving fingertips open to let you operate gadgets, they have gained excellent support from the gaming community.

Striking Backpack 

Is it even a Cyberpunk inspired outfit unless you are carrying a backpack? Utility accessories are a trademark of this high tech world. It is ruled by everything that helps you progress. To get an iconic real-life cyberpunk look, you will have to mix and match your outfit with a bag back for authentic vibes.

This is more important when doing cosplay since the margin of personalizing an outfit in cosplay is relatively lower than carrying it with a regular outfit. Marking your presence among other gamers is a tedious job; they all are well aware of the tricks and tips you will be used to enhance your game. Hence, exploring the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is the only way to come up with better and more unique options!

Jackets with Lights

Big and bulky silhouettes are a trademark look of Cyberpunk video games. But as much as we love it, it does not fit well with the functional approach of fashion these days. Anything that poses a hindrance to the daily functioning is supposed to be discarded at the earliest.

There is no one saying that you cannot still play with those coats; comic cons are full of peak Cyberpunk fashion ensembles, but for Gen Z’s current style, a light-up jacket will do the trick. You would want to make it a staple quite soon since the V’s bomber Cyberpunk Jacket exists in its league of class.

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