From Screens To Streets, Cosplays are the Future!

From Screens To Streets Cosplays are the Future

Everyone who has even a little insight into the trending attires can tell you that most of the influence these days is derived from what we see on our screens. When you hear the word screen, do not forget to include your smartphones in it. Video games and miniature games have been contributing to the style ever since the masses started giving them more attention.

Take a terrific example of the Chris Martin Viva Jacketthat everyone adored right from the moment his song was released. Back in 2008’s June, the British rock band Cold Play released an album named Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. This was their fourth album and was named after a famous Spanish phrase meaning ‘Long Live Life.’

As the name suggests, this album had a recurrent theme of death, life, war, and love in lyrics. These references made this particular song a sensation among the fans as they displayed highly relatable characteristics. In no time, the popular single Viva La Vida, from the same album, broke many records. One of the most significant accomplishments was to reach the top spot for UK Singles Chart and making space in Billboard Hot 100.

Since this song got the honor of becoming Coldplay’s number one single, the audience paid even more attention to the style and fashion depicted in the video. Chris Martin’s exciting look is still in top charts even after a decade. The Chris Martin Viva Jacket, with its unique features and style, has influenced many fans to adopt this inclusive kind of style where many shades and details are rolled into one piece.

From critics to divas, everyone appreciated the jacket for its uniqueness. But that does not mean it cannot be incorporated in semi-formals or casuals. It has a high demand among groups who like to experiment with their fashion, but at the same time, people have come up with various ways of carrying this iconic piece while doing their mundane tasks!

One such look is to pair it with a simple casual outfit so that the attention remains on the top layer. Who would want to take the eyes off this timeless apparel? With the colorful streaks on the exterior, you do not need more color or patterns on the inner layers.

Besides the mainstream media, the gaming world has been dedicated to uplifting its game of fashion. It has been a decade since the miniature world of fights and action has been actively influencing our costumes and our regular outfits. The savage world is known for brutal war armor and gears, but once in a while, they bring a jackpot that can be paired into a mind-blowing combo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, released a couple of months ago, is taking the world by storm with its famous characters and even better features. It also brought a treat for the female gamers as they are rarely represented in the gaming societies. Aerith Gainsborough, one of the most wanted playable characters in FF7 Remake, is stealing the show with her FF7 Remake Jacket.

She is known for her healing spells and her iconic staff weapon. She can wield the most complicated weapons with ease and stealth. Her magical powers and hidden strategies are enough to avoid striking any of her enemies with physical force.

Without any brute force, she is topping the charts. Known as the Spell-caster in all the members, she carries an adorable pink ribbon as headwear. She has her fair share of mysteries as being the last Cetra in existence. Her communication skills regarding the planet have given her a special responsibility as compared to others.

Besides her character, FF7 Remake has come forward with a significant influx of costume jackets that can take your cosplay game to the next level. For a generation that thrives on creating looks that stand out in crowds, this game is a perfect place to take inspiration from. From short and snug jackets to giant armor, it has everything you will need to win all the attention in a big comic con.

With pro gamers taking over the mass media, it is high time you invest in this side of the fashion. While the trend of bringing these onscreen jackets to the streets is taking over the world, you will do yourself a favor by walking ahead of the rest of the lot and choosing what suits you best beforehand.

The variety in the collection of FF7 Remake Jacketsis a sight to hold. With bold colors and exciting features, they are known to offer mobility and comfort as well. Take matters into your hands by reinventing your wardrobe with these gems!

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