How To Style Bomber Jackets For a Kickass Biker Look?

How To Style Bomber Jackets For a Kickass Biker Look?

Do bikers inspire you? It’s not just you then; it’s all of us! The class and swoon-worthy attitude that they possess deserve all the appreciation in the world. The way that they carry themselves adds extra attraction to their personality – don’t feel like a weirdo because we all have been there! Their overall attire, including a gloomy leather jacket and pants, make them look so intimidating that we all have crushed over one of them in our lives – come-on doesn’t lie.

Well, jokes apart, their outfit choices are very appealing, making the perfect badass Biker Halloween Costume. A general concept is that a biker look is only attainable if a person has a motorcycle jacket, well, it’s not true! With some styling techniques, you can get a biker look with any jacket on hand. Let it be a simple leather jacket or a bomber jacket, with the ideal accessories and creativity, that kickass biker appearance is yours!

A Blue Bomber Jacket:

Blue is the classiest color of them all. Every shade of blue depicts the story of real elegance. Choose a blue jacket, preferably some edgy tones like teal, indigo, sapphire, or stay with the classic dark blue. The Super Bowl Chris Evans Blue Jacket that the recent fashion figure of the male population, Chris Evans, wore in the advertisement, is the best example of a unique blue color bomber jacket.

As by the looks of it, the parachute jacket was a ‘quilted bomber’ styled one. The handsome Captain wore it very casually over navy blue jeans and shirt outfit and looked the same drool-worthy. Now, the interesting question pops up – how to style the Super Bowl Chris Evans Blue Jacket in a bad-guy way?

Wear this jacket over jet black or the same navy blue color shirt. For bottoms, go for leather pants or skin-fit (not skin-tight) black or navy jeans and complement the look with black or navy boots. You can even go with contrasting monochromes for the styling, but it’s better to stay with dark colors like black and navy for that dark and mysterious biker look. Add a bandana, some chains, and a cigarette to your outfit to get that perfectBiker Halloween Costume.

A Multi-Toned Bomber Jacket:

If you don’t want to go with blue, then some colors mixed with navy blue would work great. It’s not written on the stones that black represents the bikers. Some bikers stay different from the others by not following the same routine-outfit. They add some variety in their outfit. A Tyler Locke Locke & Key Jacket is the perfect example of another parachute jacket for an edgy biker look having some refreshing vibes.

The jacket has yellow and red-colored broad stripes on both shoulders. The best part about this jacket is that it serves as an all-rounder. It will give you an edgy biker look if you style it with black or navy jeans or leather pants, dark-colored inner, and boots. Don’t forget to repeat the same drill – chains, bandana, and a cigarette. This outerwear is a decent Halloween Themed Jacket, which will give you a refined as well as a funky look – all in one. Just keep in mind the styling techniques – dark tones for bikers.

A Black Leather Bomber Jacket:

The thing about bomber jackets that makes people crazy for them is the broader variety of materials and designs that they come in. A leather bomber jacket is the trendiest of all other bomber jackets that always holds the top position of being the hottest Halloween Themed Jacket.

How about we dive into the gaming world in search of a charming leather bomber jacket? Well, it won’t take much time as the upcoming video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is already stealing the spotlight from every other gaming costume. The Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket is a jet-black bomber jacket with a glossy leather exterior, perfect for a biker look.

Not many efforts are required with this elegant jacket, as the badass red-faced Samurai logo on the back is enough to keep people at a distance from you. Repeat the same style with this jacket too – leather pants or jeans, boots, dark-toned inner t-shirt, chains, rings, and cigarettes. This jacket is just the ultimate destination if you are in dire need of a Biker Halloween Costume for Halloween.

Apart from these jackets, there are many materials that bomber jackets are made of – which are just irresistibly breathtaking. Have a look at all of them and decide which one would suit the biker image that you have in your mind. Remember that the bomber jacket styled biker appearance is just for the party, not for riding a biker – or else stay ready for some scratches!

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