How to Wear a Double Breasted Suit – a Modern Men’s Guide

How to Wear a Double Breasted Suit - a Modern Men's Guide

The timeless element of modern fashion, a double-breasted top or suit can redefine a man’s class and his association with the fashion pundits in his surroundings. Basically, a term used widely for outer layers with two columns of buttons, a double-breasted top is generally referred to as one of the major accessories of the formal fashion which has become quite a must-have thing in one’s wardrobe these days.

Gone are the days when the column-based buttoned closures were only limited to the outfits of the elders. Today, most of the men with a constantly curious mind want to adopt new fashion elements in a bid to get rid of the traditional choices. If you are a self-proclaimed rebel who has promised to challenge the traditional fashion, this article is solely penned up for you.

Feeling uneasy due to the invasion of questions in your mind concerning the tips to wear a double-breasted suit? You better scroll down to get your questions answered in a few moments! Skipping all the unnecessary parts including the question, ” what is a double-breasted coat? ”, which needs a time-consuming answer, let’s jump on to the solution and talk to the point to save your time and avoid boredom from dominating our lazy minds.

Breaking the Limits with Denim Pants

Whether you opt for a double-breasted coat or a shorter top like the Justin Timberlake Double Breasted Jacket, you can break your previous records of popularity by rocking it with not-so-narrow jeans to have the sensible blend of casual and formal fashions. Blue is the fairly good color but you can replace it with black and stick to much darker camel shade when selecting the top. Nevertheless, denim seems to be the utmost priority of most of the men out there!

Justin Timberlake Double Breasted Jacket

With Your Favorite Office Outfit 

Yeah, I believe It’s messy and tricky to build your office outfit especially when you have got to impress your juniors and make them follow your orders, but it’s worth it if you are planning to add a double-breasted layer like your own boss. For a super glorifying appearance enabling you to look like a high profile figure, leave it unbuttoned except for the upper button which should be buttoned no matter if the sun has come closer to the Earth or snowfall has massively disrupted the daily life.

Stay Casual for a Much Cooler and Non-Traditional Look 

Since we men want to challenge the traditions for the greater good of the modern trends, we are fine with the modern ways to don the insanely popular fashion accessory while leaving it up to the new fashionistas to decide on their own. If you are totally against the unusual blends of two very different types of fashion, casual style alone could be what you might be wanting to try the double-breasted top with. Get a pen and a piece of paper, note down the elements like grey leggings, black sneakers, off-white turtleneck, a scarf to wrap around the neck and a navy blue double-breasted long layer, and combine them all together for an entirely new and hotter look.

The current generation of men is fed up with seeing old men, including our grandpa and daddy, fashioning the double-breasted tops like the gentlemen from the past. Not only men, in fact, a great number of women are also after double-breasted layers with Megan Boone the Blacklist Grey Pea Coat being the finest example of what female fashionistas are wearing these days as their outfit’s outer most layer.

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