Lucifer Series: The Fanciest Outfits Defined

Lucifer Series Celebrity Outfits

Keep in the uppermost part of your brain, the American television industry never runs short on the sci-fiction and the urban fantasy genres which is what has been helping the industry keep the bored fans entertained throughout the year.

These purely imaginary genres are the reason there has been a massive increase in the number of television show lovers who, after being unable to be entertained by watching a Hollywood film, have shifted their focus to the growing television industry.

Despite the advancement of television shows based on various new genres, sci-fiction and especially urban fantasy are transforming the television industry while expanding its sphere of influence. Time is flying like the fastest flying object yet no genre is able to keep up with the exceptional Urban Fantasy shows like Lucifer which are setting up new trends every other season.

Such shows are easily drawing the attention of the bored audience to the more realistic and fantastic scenes featuring newness.

Lucifer Series Celebrites Jackets

A show like Lucifer isn’t only recognized for the quality work, cinematic excellence, superb storyline or just a great combination of good and bad characters, but it is also being the driving force behind the promotion of some of the immensely popular trends all related to the fashionable wardrobes of the impressively portrayed characters featured in the show.

If you are a big fan of the Lucifer series and a permanent member of your fashion club, you probably know that a growing trend is forcing the fashion freaks to discuss the insanely cool wardrobes featured in Tom Kapinos’ show.

Basically, the center of topic today, the Lucifer Series Celebrity Outfits, has been put together in a list to ensure no fan misses to benefit from the trendiest outfits donned by both the antagonists and protagonists. Take a small step ahead and unlock the unbiased analysis of the mind-boggling yet admirable wardrobes below.

Dan Espinoza

One of the renowned detectives based in Los Angeles, Dan Espinoza is the name of a handsome figure whose attitude towards stylishness is pretty welcoming. This guy, more or less, heavily relies on exceptional fashion elements which include thick layers, and colorful tee-shirts.

Since we are here to include the best and leave the rest, Espinoza’s attractive casual wardrobe made of brown leather layer, blue tee-shirt beneath and black denim pants with a bit of space for easy adjustment has allowed the fierce man to maintain his popularity as a man with a deep interest in fashion.

Lucifer Series

While this may sound to be a tough thing to do, it only requires one to come up with a strong physical appearance and a sense to make the perfect recipe of fashion by mixing the basic style essentials.


Advocating Lucifer Samael and siding with his group, Mazikeen is a devil inside. This unstoppable comic character has been known for stylizing the Mazikeen Lucifer Jacket which has set up a number of records on board.

Catching the fashionistas from all around the world, Mazikeen’s, undeniably fascinating wardrobe, is all about the dominance of black shade elements from bottom to the top. These elements have allowed Mazikeen to truly represent the demon inside her body using the black colored outfit.

Lucifer Series Mazikeen Shearling Leather Jacket

If you plan to separate each and every item from Mazikeen’s outfit, you will end up creating a list that will be composed of the already mentioned leather jacket, leather gloves and shiny leather pants fitting her chubby body rightly.

Marcus Pierce

The primary antagonist of the 3rd season, Marcus Pierce is all about a class that is unbeatable for many of the characters appearing in the show. Underestimated by the opponents, the L.A.P.D lieutenant is way better at fashioning the certain accessories than most of his well-wishers and the self-proclaimed fashion gurus.

Marcus Pierce Lucifer Series Leather Jacket

Although he has appeared with a number of sizzling hot wardrobes, the best one is comprised of a black leather top with a grey tee-shirt rocked beneath. Basically adopted a casual approach in terms of the overrated clothing style, Marcus has tried to reveal the fashionable aspect of his charismatic personality using the casual choices which is what makes him an ambassador of casual fashion.

Even though Marcus is a bad guy disguised as a great man in Lucifer series, his attractive wardrobe has helped him earn grow his fan club with the addition of a few more thousand followers.

Chloe Decker

Portrayed by Lauren Germany, Chloe Decker’s attachment with the casual fashion couldn’t be described in a single word or so. This skinny girl perhaps takes more time in front of the mirror than the world’s greatest supermodel. The reason is obvious, every time she appears on the small screen, she seems to attract the men making them stare her from bottom to the top.

Chloe Decker Black Jacket

This quality of hers is all based on her keen interest in fashion enabling the yellow-haired diva to make it to the breaking news and make the world of fashion respond to her choices unintentionally. If you break up Decker’s outfit three, you will get a striking combo of denim pants paired up with rounded black tee-shirt and a grey thick top fitting her shoulders. These three elements are hardly out of the basic essentials list which could found in every fashionistas’ closet with no effort.

Nick Hofmeister

The last remaining recommendation of a purely incredible wardrobe is of Nick Hofmeister’s utterly fabulous outfit featuring basic style essentials with the cotton jacket on top of the list. Partnered with a grey tee-shirt, Hofmeister’s wardrobe looks like a man who doesn’t love enjoying a strong relationship with fashion.

Despite Hofmeister is one of the most underrated characters, no attention paid by the designers to his outfit possibly means the character was not given much importance by the showrunners as compared to the rest of the figures.

However, whatever the reason could be, Hofmeister’s untrendy way of stylizing the basic essentials is less likely to do anything with the portrayer’s inability to fit as a fashion-loving man as compared to the designer’s responsibility and the showrunners’ intention to pay attention to him.

TV Series Lucifer Nick Hofmeister Jacket

While most of these characters are often seen wearing no special accessories, most of the time, they are given what they truly deserve. This indicates a fair policy adopted by the showrunners to ensure every character’s reputation level is maintained with no discrimination to any figure.

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