Power Book II: Ghost Characters That Are Stealing The Show!


On the Power spinoff, there are some complicated personalities. Which character, on the other hand, do fans think is the most likable? Tasha? Tariq? And, most importantly, which Power Book Outfits will captivate the audience. In season one, Power Book II: Ghost set out to introduce their ensemble of characters. However, if a show focusing on young Tariq St. Patrick and characters other than Ghost, Tommy, and Angela were to air, how would returning fans react? The people have spoken, and the Power spinoff now has a fresh new cast of characters that fans either despise or like.

Is Tariq by far the most despised member of the group? Has Monet assumed the role of a new boss lady? What is it about Cane, Drew, and Diana, the brother and sister duo? Was Tasha’s performance in the spinoff enough to win her fans? Based on their characteristics and Power Book Outfits, who do fans think would come out on top on the likability scale?

Tasha St. Patrick

Why is this a question when it comes to Tasha? Why is she still alive, and why is Tariq treating his mother as a saint? Tasha is a complete disaster in every way. She was one of the most despised characters at the end of the original series. Viewers didn’t feel a connection to her even while she was in prison during the spinoff.

She was attempting to protect her kid this season, but in doing so, she created a greater target on his back. Tasha cannot be trusted, and Tariq may understand this at some point. Tasha’s style is highly distinct and elegant. The lady certainly knows how to wear her jackets and outfits elegantly. 

Lauren Baldwin

Is Lauren the reincarnation of Angela? She does, in fact, resemble Angela in the original series. She’s intelligent, ambitious, and has a crush on Tariq. But does she have a place in his world? This was Ghost’s experience with Angela. There is still chemistry, even if there is a small rivalry between the two in the classroom.

Lauren has a reputation for being snobbish. Her parents look down on Tariq since she hails from a wealthy family. Lauren terminated her long-term engagement with Tariq after realizing her love for him. Lauren’s character could be fleshed out more in Season 2.

Caridad “Carrie” Milgram

Jabari is considerably worse than Carrie. Therefore one must come before the other. Carrie looks to be lost, while Jabari is a thief and a liar. She’s a consultant, but she doesn’t truly help anyone. In Power Book II, her character is not taken seriously and with good cause.

The writers never provided her with a compelling history. She was righteous at the start of the show and wanted to assist kids. By the conclusion of the season, she had fallen in love with Zeke and was assisting him in lying to the cops and his family. Aside from her position in the show, the woman knows how to wear jackets in a lavish way.

Jabari Reynolds

There are several characters whose tale should have been scrapped entirely. With the sequel taking place on a college campus, Jabari’s persona made sense, but the authors did a horrible job depicting him. Was he there to teach, spy on students, or sleep with them? Viewers anticipate his downfall since Jabari could never be entrusted.

To get as far as he could in season one, he committed a lot of lying and stealing. His demise was well-deserved. He died because his curiosity got the best of him. And surely not because of his devious deeds. He should have kept his mouth shut. Jabari has a very traditional and elegant design. The dude has a classic and flawless style that he understands how to slay in a traditional way. Furthermore, he understands how to wear a suit in a traditional style.

Davis Maclean

Davis and Saxe are a match made in heaven. Davis is all about the money, whereas Saxe is all about the hard work. Davis arrived as Tasha’s lawyer, assuming she had been lying all along and averting his gaze from the reality. Davis, a married man who is having an affair with his employee, is a jerk.

He’s a fantastic lawyer when it comes to the law. He is concerned about his clientele, but only to a certain extent. He wants the money, and as long as he receives it, he’ll pay attention to them. Is Davis a re-imagining of Joe Proctor?

Cooper Saxe

Saxe was disliked even in the first series. In the spinoff, not much has changed. Saxe is all about himself, which is unfortunate since he doesn’t have to be if he could simply execute his job well. He’s too entangled in shady dealings to fly straight.

Saxe has still been conniving to have his way in Power Book II: Ghost. Despite the fact that he keeps surviving, Saxe’s turn has come to pay the ultimate price. He’s one of the main characters with many more lives than nine.

Diana Tejada

Diana may be difficult to read at times. She looks up to her mother, yet she seems to be wary of Monet’s methods and counsel at times. Is she genuinely interested in Tariq, or is she simply following Monet’s instructions? Diana is not her mother’s daughter. When Monet sees money, Diana simply wants to be a typical adolescent girl.

Diana’s absence from school has left fans wondering what she does when she’s not running after Tariq, lying for her brothers, or being misled by her mother. Diana has to be more than what fans saw in the first season. Diana is a boss lady when it comes to her outfits. She is keen when it comes to her style. Be it her silver hoops or shearling overcoat. 

Tariq St. Patrick

No one intended to watch a performance on Tariq St. Patrick, the young man. If Tasha was despised, Tariq was dubbed “Public Enemy No. 1” at the end of the first season. The little boy, who was a living book of falsehoods, decided to put a stop to it all by murdering his own father.

But then came the release of Power Book II: Ghost, and the same fans who once despised Tariq have now become his followers. His actions match those of his father, and it wasn’t until the conclusion of season one that he realized the two were so similar. When it comes to his personal style, he favors a more laid-back look. Top layers that are both elegant and easygoing. Whether it’s a bomber jacket or a denim one, the guy understands how to make any outfit sparkle.  

Monet Tejada

It’s not a good idea to mess with Monet. She doesn’t take any shortcuts in business and doesn’t tolerate any disrespect, even out of her own family. Monet is serious about her wealth, and she isn’t afraid to show it. If she can find a method to gain the upper hand on you, you can bet she’ll do so.

Tariq’s responsibility to her is solely professional. While it may look to her son Cane differently, Monet understands the larger picture, much like Avon Barksdale did in The Wire. She may be a lovely aunt one moment and then transform into the cutthroat figure fans have grown to adore the next. The woman has quite a composed style that syncs well with her personality. The wardrobe designer did the job pretty well in making her personality go hand in hand with her everyday sleek and classy outfits.

Cane Tejada

Cane is a one-of-a-kind character. While his father is in prison, he is the Tejada family’s muscle, but Cane is also a lot more transparent and passionate. Cane, like Leon from Snowfall, responds instead of analyzing. While Monet had taught him to do so, it came back to haunt her. For the most part, Cane resembles Kanan from the original Power series, which caused devastation.

Cane was kicked out of the family. But he kept looking for a way back in. He and Tariq might have worked out a compromise, but Cane was so set on hating Tariq that he didn’t consider how harmful they could be as a family if he simply embraced him. Cane is known for wearing dainty clothes in the series. No matter what the situation is, Cane’s attire would always catch the attention of the viewers. 

Dru Tejada

Many people are genetically predisposed to a life of crime, while others are not. Dru was thrown into it just due to his surname. Dru was never at ease, but he did what he needed to do and what he was instructed. Dru led a different life than other people and had to disguise it. Nevertheless, by the conclusion of season one, Dru had gained more control over the events that surrounded him.

Dru was the one Monet could depend on, even though he wasn’t as aggressive as Cane. He was also the one his father wanted to take over the entire company. He’s more reliable than Cane, and he thinks things through before acting.

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