Revamp your man’s wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

Revamp your man's wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

One of the best parts of being a human being is experiencing all types of emotions. You get to feel anger and happiness, sadness and love, and even gratefulness. The emotions of a human being are never constant. Just like all good things in life like seasons, and food trends, moods change too. Now, normally, a person does not like the idea of change. But what we do not understand is that we are actually programmed to enjoy this feeling of change. So if, for example, a certain someone has caught your heart, you start leaning towards them. And that in itself is the tumultuous yet serene emotion of love. Love is not, in fact, “in the air.” It’s in your heart, and it will stay there till eternity. 

Valentines is just another occasion to express this love for your lover. If you often go through lots of problems in searching for the best valentines day gifts for him, then you have landed at the right place. You must have had a myriad of reasons for falling in love with him in the first place. And though love is not superficial, it is based on the law of attraction. You were attracted to your lover because of that effortless way he has always styled himself. 

How to choose the right gift?

What you want to do this year is make him feel in control. Men usually love having control in their hands. So get him an almost incomplete gift. For example, get him a jacket and shoes to match. In this manner, he knows that the gift would remain incomplete without him adding his personal touch to it. And the touch could be anything, a colorful pair of pants or a cologne. The choice would be his. 

Read on to get an amazing valentine’s gift for boyfriend ideas. These ideas will help you in becoming a permanent resident in his thoughts. Pair the right jacket with the right footwear, and you have the secret code of love in your hands. 

Leather Jacket and the work boot

Revamp your man's wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

Men usually love muted things. And we don’t mean that things have to be soundless. On the contrary, they just have to look subtle. Men prefer having items that are usually of earthy color. Get him a pair of well-kept Work Boots. And try to find them on a camel tone, which is the latest trend of today. 

As for the jacket, it will depend on how well you know your man. Let’s suppose your man has a thing for superheroes and comic books. Get him something that hits the sweet spot. We recommend you check out the Scott Truman Leather Jacket. The jacket itself looks very trim and will make your boyfriend look like he has very broad shoulders. 

Bomber Black Jacket and the Dr. Martens lace-up boots

Revamp your man's wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

Here is another amazing combination that will have your boyfriend on his knees. Work on his current style. If he is into chunky-looking things, then grab onto the Dr. Martens leather lace-up boots. Even if your boyfriend has no idea about the history of this shoe, he will love the black leather and the dark laces and brown sole. 

With a pair of shoes that shoes nothing but business, you want to pair a jacket that will make him look approachable. We recommend you take a gander at the Chris Brown Bomber Black Jacket. A bomber jacket would look great if you are going for a casual look. The black of the jacket will definitely fall in sync with the lack of boots. 

Orange Tuxedo Coat with the western Chelsea boots

Revamp your man's wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

If you got lucky and have a man who works incorporate, then you have to check out this option. Get him a pair of western Chelsea boots. These boots are clean-looking and do not have laces or buckles. So nothing takes away the attention from the camel tone of the shoes. 

Corporate makes a man already dress like a classy Kingsman. And if that is the case with your boyfriend, then get him the Kingsman Orange Tuxedo Coat. The color is a great way to liven things up, but the tuxedo will make him look official. And when he walks out in long strides with the orange tuxedo on his shoulders, you know everyone will be fishing for his attention. 

Vin Diesel’s Red Jacket And the Adidas Outdoors Terrex Hiking Boot

Revamp your man's wardrobe this valentine! 4 gift ideas!

Being physically active is all the rage today. So if you have a man who has built a career out of exercising and thrives on the world of fitness, he would absolutely love this combination. Get him a pair of Hiking boots, the Adidas terrex edition. The shoe is full of colors. The blue and purple with the laces will make him look youthful. 

With a pair of shoes this color, you want to work in favor of adding some pizazz to the look. For this purpose, we highly recommend you get the Vin Diesel Red Jacket. Vin Diesel is an actor who is known by almost all. This actor leaves no box unchecked when it comes to looking manly and rough. When he wore the red coat, every man on the planet knew that this was the next best thing to get a hold of. This red jacket has a stunning closure, and the color is what makes it a true gem. It’s a red hat every man would like to wear, and not the classic girly red. 

Is it enough? 

Trust us, all of these gifts look magnificent. And the fact that you will not be giving him the shirt and the pants of the outfit will make him feel liberated. Let him have a little control over what he wears too. And frankly, almost any color and fabric would look stunning with these jackets. Make a big deal out of it if your boyfriend is into those things. Take him out to date and in a candle lite mood, hand him over the presents. Or leave the pair of shoes outside for him to wear when he leaves for work in the morning. The options are limitless. Be as hopelessly romantic as you like this valentines day!

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