Riverdale Rumors: What Will Happen In Season 5?


All the retro diners, modern technology, and iconic Riverdale Jackets might confuse an individual about when everything is happening. The whole gang is particular in their actions and style considering the stark and unusual atmosphere of the set. Every new season is followed by rumors and hype for the upcoming one; even the perception that Riverdale is being canceled is foreign to the viewers.

After four successful seasons, the stars and creators start to work for the fifth season, which has seen some adverse circumstances due to the current pandemic. Table reads for the fifth season are going on, hence increasing rumors about dates, styles, and casts taking up all the feeds. As everything in Hollywood is returning to normal now, expectations are relatively high for the upcoming season because the last one ended abruptly.

While you submerge in the rumors about disappearances, new arrivals, and latest action, do not forget that everything you hear is not bound to be true. More often than not, the actual season is an entirely different story!

What Time Line Are We Following?

Riverdale is an adaptation from the original comics that started in the 1940s. But the show’s creator had to create a mesh of both the vintage and modern worlds to portray the best side of the comics. Drawing from different ages of time gives a unique look that is not unfamiliar for fans of mystery.

The creators tried to bring the old feel back with the retro surroundings but did not avoid cutting-edge technology. While some elements of the world aged and others remained true to the comics’ themes, creators of the series tried giving an uneasy feeling to the viewers. Since the story is partly a murder mystery, the show’s theme circles around the same tones as well. The squirming of the viewers keeps them hooked to the show for more content!

Every Major Character at the End of Season 4

Season four left us all reeling over the brutal cliff-hanger. In season sparks between Archie and Betty flew once again, and their chemistry was seen taking new turns. Childhood friends and neighbors, both these characters, harbored feeling for each other for a long time. The core four reshuffled in this season with old feelings resurfacing and keeping dark secrets. All these conflicts left Archie Andrews, concluding that he would be better after leaving Riverdale and joining the Naval Academy.

Betty is left fully involved in investigating and dissecting the mysterious tapes with Jughead while Veronica’s competes against her dad’s business. Her own business was doing splendidly until The Mollys felt threatened by their booming success.

Major Rumours 

The cloud of mystery generated by the creators has successfully circled the rumors about the show. Even though season four is well over now, the show’s return is always met with raw enthusiasm. After being cut short due to the pandemic, the finale predicted to a great extent what will happen in the murder ridden town next.

The core four’s relationships will continue to evolve, graduations are on the horizon, and after so many real life graduation cancellations, fans are thrilled to know about this detail. A time jump is happening – right from the time frame of prom to seven years later. Some exist in the pipelines and Skeet Ulrich, who played FP Jones character while Erin Westbrook will be joining the cast as Pop Tate’s granddaughter. A detailed glimpse of some major character’s backstories will also make an appearance.

What to Expect from Season 5

Besides the obvious new takes of Southside Serpents Jacket by the gorgeous cast, there are many things you need to sit down for. The show will not be coming back for another couple of months. The expected time is somewhere in early 2021. The streaming schedule will remain the same, while a big-time jump in the series will soon happen. Many more fangs will appear this season, while some spicy rumors indicate that Archie and Betty’s big secret will come out in front of their current partners.

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