Shearling Jackets or Puffer Jacket? Pick The Best One!

Shearling Jackets or Puffer Jacket? Pick The Best One!

Aren’t you tired of wearing the same old jackets every time the temperature drops? Generally, the concept of winter wear is the same, and people keep repeating them on a loop. This year has been different as it has brought you three main leads in fashion for layers; those three jackets are; Parka Jackets, Puffer Jackets, and Shearling Wool Coats. The shearling jacket is not as much new this year, but it seems to be an important part of winter’s catalog. There are only a few things that belong to winter, and we all love them. Those things are Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas vibe, scented candles, and cute (yet cozy and chic!) layers for our clothing.

Do you want to gear up in the best winter wear? Keep your priorities straight up! With piling up, other same ol’ winter jackets, do not forget to add the trendiest pieces to your wardrobe. You might feel a little confused about adding puffer jackets to your wardrobe as they seem extravagant while shearling jackets, on the other hand, look too cozy yet fancy. Having both of them might look extra, so the best thing to do right now is to go for either a puffer jacket or a shearling jacket to game up your winter wardrobe.

Here are a few positive points about both of the jackets to make it easier for you to go for anyone of them.


Shearling Jacket is just a take on a classic biker jacket to turn them into a more luxurious one. Not only leather jackets, suede jackets, furred coats, and many more styles have been upgraded by adding shearling details. Shearling jackets are manufactured from expensive materials; they are not like other jackets as they are legit made up of animal hide. That is why shearling jackets are more expensive than other woolly jumpers. Even though they are costly, they are a worthy investment. Here is why you should invest in buying a shearling jacket.

Shearling Jackets keep you Warm!

Shearling Jackets are famous for keeping you warm enough. As if that’s not the main purpose of a jacket. Sheepskin coats became popular in WWII as they kept aircrews warm enough. They are made up of sheep’s wool, which creates an insulating aura and keeps your body temperature maintained. When winters are at their worst, tug out your shearling coats.

It will be your Companion in Every Season!

Shearling jackets have natural insulating materials in them which is made up of sheepskin, so if you think they would be too hot for other seasons then you are wrong. They have the breathable structure which will keep your body at the required temperature during moderate seasons. it’ll also protect your dress from moist and heat.


Puffer jackets are also known as down jackets and insulated jackets as they are fluffy jackets filled up with insulating materials and puffies. Whatever you want to call them, these lightweight jackets will undoubtedly keep you warm in cold situations. These jackets have a look that they are heavyweight, but they surely are the most lightweight winter wear. It creates an insulating layer that keeps your body at the required temperature. While puffer jackets are only associated with being the adventure jacket, it can also work best as a day to day layer, and best of all, it costs almost nothing. Here is why you should consider buying a puffer jacket.

It is all in One Layer!

Regardless of the season, always keep a puffer jacket while packing, especially for hiking and stuff. If you are going to the place where it is cold enough, then pack two of them. What you want from a jacket is keeping your core at the right temperature, neither too cold nor too warm. This is the place where puffer jackets shine, as they give your body the exact temperature it needs. It provides you a breathable layer that keeps your body at the right temperature, especially your core. It also gives you a fashionable look, so what else do you need from a jacket?

They Weigh Nothing!

You don’t need to carry dozens of jackets with you if you have a puffer jacket. A puffer jacket weighs nearly nothing, and it takes less space in your luggage. So why go for a heavy and bulky jacket when you can have the fashionable, cozy, and most lightweight puffer jacket? Especially for those who travel, this jacket is the finest. While keeping all these points in mind, choose your Winter Jackets carefully.

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