Super Bowl The Weeknd Red Blazer Was Indeed The Star of The Show

Super Bowl Halftime Show The Weeknd Red Blazer


Hold your horses and be calm cause you will feel it coming. The best news that we have heard this year is that the Canadian superstar Abel who is also known as “The Weeknd,” has performed on one of the biggest stages of the world. The 2021 Super Bowl Halftime Show could not get any better. Weeknd not just performed there, but he performed in his The Weeknd Red Blazer

A gigantic fan following that “the Weeknd” has was just so star-struck. For people who do not know, the super bowl is an annual championship football league, and in its halftime show every year, the artists with a huge fan following perform and promote their albums.

Last year Abel released his album “After Hours.” If you are an “R&B/soul” fan, then you know this was the Weeknd’s biggest hit. Not a single song, but each song individually did outstandingly well. Breaking many billboard records now, Abel has performed in the biggest show ever. Let’s discuss some interesting insights about the album.


Abel is back to his ways cause he is heartless in his struggle for success. And he has said it loud and clear in his song “heartless.” Do you know that this song “heartless” has peaked#1 on billboard’s hot 100, and on Spotify, it is the first-ever song that has reached the streaming of 1 billion the fastest? Well yeah, that is how the “Star boy” has ruled over the industry. 

Abel has definitely boosted the buzz around the industry. And if we say that his super hit song “blinding lights” from the album “After Hours” is one of the reasons, then we are not bragging. Because it is straight facts that we are telling you. 

Although the Weeknd has quoted himself in his song saying “low life for life, cause I am heartless,” yet still he is not keeping it on the down-low. The Weeknd Red Sequin Blazer is proof of the above statement. In his song “save your tears,” where he is performing in the club, you will get to see a completely new face of Abel. 

Prior to this song, the video of “Too Late” came. In which Abel’s head was used as a prop. Then comes “Save your tears,” in which he undergoes plastic surgery. The video blew the fans’ minds away. People were going crazy and banging their heads, thanks to the super bowl show, which revealed that it was all for the video. But clearly, Abel showed that he can go to any extent when it comes to his work.

Here is a list of all the hits from the album after hours for you to add to your playlist:

  1. Heartless. The first song on the album. And the most popular one.
  2. Blinding lights. The tune and the video of this song are indeed awe-inspiring.
  3. Hardest to love is another hit from the album. The official audio just got released.
  4. Too late. The lyrics of this song will hurt you deep inside but with a sweetness to it. And you won’t even feel it because it would be an emotional rollercoaster ride you would be on.
  5. Then we have “Save your tears.” This song will first make you cry and then will encourage you to save your tears for another day. And when Abel is asking you, then you have to.


In the album After Hours, one thing that is constant is the red jacket and euphemistic melody, of course. Super Bowl The Weeknd Red Blazer got much more attention than it was intended to. As much as the Weeknd’s fans love him, Abel tries to give the same amount of love back by releasing such aesthetically appealing and addictively deep-meaning songs. 

Despite the dedication the Weeknd shows toward his fans by releasing high-quality music, he is also an active fashionista. His wardrobe is an inspiration for all casual attire lovers. And he carried the crown of a fashionista throughout The Super Bowl, too, in the iconic red blazer. This weekend, tune into the Weeknd’s latest hits and get inspired!

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