The Best and Worst from the Fallout 76 Game

The Best and Worst from the Fallout 76 Game

A post-apocalyptic story that examines the adverse consequences of a Cold War gone entirely wrong – Fallout is a brilliant franchise that delivered quality content. The franchise made sure gamers had something complex and fascinating at their hands, introducing the Fallout 76 Leather Jacket to giving new features to their gamers.

The game developers have successfully delivered a story that captivates the entire audience, and rarely let’s go. Bethesda narrates a story that gives a brief look at the condition of the earth after some two decades have passed. It is safe to say that this is a prequel to all the stories Bethesda has told in the series since it portrays a very early time.

While there is a lot to cheer for, the game has its perks and cons. Here we have a shortlist of some worst and best aspects of the game that has ignited the love of gaming in numerous people!

  • Continues the Story – Best 

Fallout 76 is a prequel to the series, meaning that it is set earlier than the rest of the installments. The Fallout franchise has laid out the plot for this one carefully since it deals with the origin of all the others.

  • Taking Away the Freeze Frame – Worst 

Changing V.A.T.S Combat was not the right move, according to many pro gamers. Everyone liked the feature, and it benefited the overall gameplay. Even though the original feature is present in the game, the freezing frame option no longer exists. You will be targeting real-time systems, which might not be as fun as the creators first thought it would be?

  • Full of Colours – Best 

Even though it is a post-apocalyptic zone, the bouts of colors everywhere make it a visually pleasing experience for all the viewers and gamers. Greys and browns are accompanied by reds and greens, giving a much-needed surprise to the gamers who were frustrated with the color grading of the game.

  • Fully Online – Worst 

If you plan on participating on an opening day, you better jump in at midnight. The servers will be packed, and some of the players will face difficulties because of excessive traffic. This could be a good move for the game in the long run, but it does not sit well with the fans.

  • More Human players than NPCs – Best 

Most of the characters you will be meeting during the game will be humans – yep, another surprise! Very few NPCs are included in the game, giving the viewers another reason to call it a complete visual treat. This realistic aspect is something everyone is looking forward to (except for some, of course!).

  • Huge Map, Small Groups – Worst 

Four times bigger than Fallout 4, the huge map of this game is a bit scary. With small player groups scattered everywhere, it won’t be easy to match up with the characters. A group of characters consisting of not more than 12 will unbalance the ratio for the huge map.

  • Bye-Bye to Annoying Players – Best 

Saying goodbye to obnoxious behavior bound to occur in a multiplayer game was a good move on the part of the creators. No other player can take your inventory, and similarly, you do not lose your progress if you are eliminated. If you stop fighting back, the damage caused by the opponent player is minimal!

  • No Benefits of Cross-Platform Play – Worst 

When you begin the game, forego all thoughts of a cross-platform play. This Fallout version does not include any cross-platform playing; the reasons are not evident, but fans are quite bummed since they could benefit a lot from this feature. Bethesda is not answering these queries at the moment, so it is still a mystery.

These are some reasons Fallout is considered an underdog this year and why gamers are relishing in the introduction of new features. Every aspect of the game is still quite fascinating to explore, including the Fallout 76 Jackets, which are actively appearing in cosplay conventions!

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