The Critical Analysis of Avengers: Endgame

The Critical Analysis of Avengers: Endgame

After bringing all mainstream superheroes together in Endgame, Marvel’s mega-blockbuster hit has become the highest grossed film in the history of the world. Remained talk of the town for weeks, Endgame managed to earn a great reputation among the Marvel comic lovers.

But as they say, there is no such thing as a perfect film but only better and better, you have just got my point, even Endgame has got some errors or unwanted stuff which should have been fixed up. To be specific, while Russo brothers deserve admiration for directing the film with the core of their hearts, a movie geek like me doesn’t agree with each and every scenario depicted in the film.

The bad Image of Spiderman

Firstly, it is too awkward to make Spiderman be dependent upon the female superheroes. In case you are wondering what I have been referring to, just go down the memory lane and remember the moment when Peter Parker is being chased down by the army of Thanos and suddenly Carol Danvers appears asking Parker to indirectly hand over the infinity stones to her while she is joined by other female super beings. By doing this, the writers have tried to portray a pretty weak and helpless image of Peter Parker which is condemn-able for sure. I bet, the writers will not be forgiven by the admirers of the Tom Holland Spiderman Homecoming Leather Jacket and the biggest fans of the funny guy.

Thor Not Giving the Damn Heck to Asgardians

The Endgame writers have done injustice to Thor by showing him as a leader of Asgard who is pretty not having any interest in taking care of his homeland and acting as a drunk man all the time. This annoying part of the storyline clearly shows the rest of the superheroes enjoying their lives before assembling to attack Thanos but with an exception of Thor who somehow is going through the post-traumatic stress disorder and hates the word ” Thanos ”. Imagine, Thor contributed the most in the victory of Avengers against the forces of Thanos at the battle of Wakanda in that Avengers Infinity War Thor Vest but failed to even control his own feelings at the beginning of Endgame.

Cap’s Decision to Stay in the Past Forever

The troubling most part of the Endgame is the post-war moment when Stever Rogers, the innovator of the Avengers Infinity War Captain America Leather Jacket, goes back in the past to keep infinity Stones away from the reach of evil forces but ends up staying there forever while leaving his closest ally Bucky Barnes in present. This definitely blew out the mind of fans which is why many of them came up with a question if Cap was ever sincere with Barnes. But it seems like, at least in the end, he preferred his love interest over his friends for a beautiful yet selfish life with Carter.

Avengers’ Inability to Bring Black Widow Back

Somebody, please make me understand why Black Widow couldn’t be brought back to life whereas it was equally possible to capture the precious stones by going into the past? The twisted story of Natasha Romanoff sets the fans back with the fact that her death can’t be undone and that she can’t been seen fighting alongside the Avengers. The Russian who has got a sensible taste of fashion, as the Captain America Civil War Black Widow Cotton Jacket is an ultimate proof of it, provided her unconditional services to the American nation yet the Endgame writers couldn’t shower mercy upon her character.