The Movies Capturing Your Upcoming Events!

The Movies Capturing Your Upcoming Events!

The best way to celebrate the festive season is to get in the spirits with the help of movies! When the whole clan gathers together, all you can do is be happy for each other’s existence. In these dark times, the company is what everyone is craving, and these celebrations are a perfect way to rejoice together!

The Oath 

This movie has a fascinating plot for all those looking to use their brains, a completely new story for Thanksgiving. A new future lies ahead in this movie where a government decides that every individual will take a loyalty pledge on Black Friday – cue the arguments on Thanksgiving. The film has some iconic Movie Jackets inspirations lying in plain sight if you need some winter wardrobe ideas!

Sleepless in Seattle

A widower who is heartbroken over the loss of his wife gets a beautiful new start with Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks dreams of seeing his wife once again and talking to her on New Year’s Eve, making this movie a wholesome tale of love. A perfect watch for your pre New Year’s Eve plans!

Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

Young ones investigating monsters – sounds too fun for Thanksgiving. If you have many kids eager to let their energies out this holiday, calm them down with this fascinating watch. In a spectacular family film, two kids visit relatives and find themselves looking for some weird creatures.

Free Birds

An exciting animated film, Free Birds, is a must-watch for a family on Turkey Day. The movie has two turkeys time traveling around, making Thanksgiving a fun event. As they try to change the centuries-old tradition of Turkey Day by going back in time, many new secrets are shared about the holiday celebrated throughout the states.

Tower Heist

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is all everyone is worried about. No one has time to look around their surroundings on one of the biggest festivals. Is this the right time to steal? When all heads are averted, a group of apartment workers plans a robbery to compensate for their losses in a recent Ponzi scheme! Stealing from their employer during Thanksgiving, the movie has thrilling sequences!

Home Alone

A Christmas movie many mothers can relate to – Home Alone, is a beautiful tale of the family but more about the young boy with astounding wits. His antics keep everyone entertained thoroughly, making this classic a must-watch for every holiday season. Home Alone is a series, and you can have a marathon with cousins or your partner!

The Blind Side

Want everyone to be truly thankful this year? Watch The Blind Side and appreciate everything you have. After such a miserable time, everyone needs a light movie to watch, and this has everything in the right proportions. Michael Oher, homeless at 17, is welcomed by Tuohys for the first time – an eye-opening film for sure!

New Year’s Eve

All about friendship, love, and how different lives are tangled together – a perfect New Year’s Eve movie, this film will have all your emotions tied up for good. A cute chick flick, it has just the right amount of giddy romance and humor to make your night! Watch it with your girls, partners, or even family!

Funny People

Not exactly a Thanksgiving movie, but it does have an iconic scene around Thanksgiving dinner. A comedian who just got to know about his terminal illness has lots of lessons for being grateful for you this year; give this film a chance to let the happy vibes come to you; a brilliant break from the typical rom-com (warning: tears might get involved!).

Love Actually

Rom-com under a mistletoe? Yes!! Somewhat like New Year’s Eve, it has eight different stories centering on their struggles and wholesome moments of relationships. Every story has a different lesson in-store; learn different ways of accepting yourself and your partner by getting in the Christmas spirits with this movie.

You’ve Got Mail

Frenemies is the best genre this year – romantic comedies which have a plot where the couple goes from being enemies to lover are probably the best. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (once again) binds us into a magical spell with their brilliant performance in this film. Additional perks involve creative displays of Film Jackets!

Addams Family Values

For years everyone thought they belonged only in Halloween theme parties, but Addams Family also features a Turkey Day pageant, unlike any other family. Why not give this macabre clan a chance to woo you on Thanksgiving as well?

Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding show us how to truly celebrate Christmas. Kate (Clarke) is a frustrated young lady working as an elf tirelessly. Things take a pleasant turn when Tom enters the pictures – rest is better in the movie!

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