There May Never Be Another Series As Good As Yellowstone, Why?


Yellowstone – a modern-day Western TV drama that has revived the love of family sagas in viewers worldwide. Dutton’s own the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the states, and the whole plot revolves around different characters related to the Dutton family. The Yellowstone Merchandise has a different fan base, ready to pounce on any new item inspired by the series. This kind of fame does not come easily; the star-studded cast, tireless efforts of the stylists, and phenomenal creators all did their best to bring it here!

John Dutton – the patriarch of the Dutton family – often clashes with other land developers and fights off enemies to protect the legacy of his family. The number of foes waiting to dismantle the Dutton family’s throne exceeds any given lists. They also face a lot of pressure from an Indian reservation but hold their grounds steadily.

Kevin Costner – John Dutton in the TV series – has a list of achievements under his name, including multiple awards one can only dream of. He plays the patriarch and leads the star-studded cast, which is why the series met 5 million viewers tuned right at the time of the series’ premiere. The latest August finale broke that record too and dropped a solid number of 5.2 million viewers.

February 2020 was a happening month for the fans of Yellowstone. The series’ official network and creators confirmed that Taylor Sheridan’s phenomenal writing has made it clear that Yellowstone is one kind. With an exquisite American West surrounding, the cast blends perfectly and creates the magic that only comes when every aspect is ten on ten.

Yellowstone has a reputation for leaving its fans with exciting cliffhangers. While eye bulged out and fans lost their footing, season three finale gave an explosive ending. Desperation for the upcoming season reached new heights as viewers came up with different theories about what had happened in Yellowstone. The ten-episode season rounded up in August 2020, and what has been excruciating.

In the last crucial ten minutes of the third season, Jimmy lies in the dirt without moving any limbs, giving all his fans a painful idea that he might be seriously injured once again. The Duttons faced a similar fate; Beth, Kayce, and John had enemies rooting to end their lives. Beth was a victim of mail bombing, while the other two were broadsided in a rain of pellets. Bets are being made as we talk that Beth must have survived since the rumors from the production of season 4 have announced the return of the complete main cast of the show.

Beth’s character is irreplaceable in every means. She is dynamic and sometimes the only person who brings life to the muddy Yellowstone ranch. A lot of shooting happened in the season finale, and the lead character was targeted heavily. John Dutton’s survival is credited to his cell phone – which he profoundly hated throughout the show.

On the other hand, Kayce had some tough training, which helped him survive the assassination attempt. From tossing his huge wooden desk to use it as a shield to using his former sniper training, every skill ended up saving his life. Questions are coming in great numbers regarding the last minutes of the season finale, and bloggers have taken it up as a job to break down the crucial settings for the reeling fans.

Anyone who has seen Yellowstone knows that it deserves even more traction. The plot twists and turns are enough to force viewers to binge-watch previous seasons before another one premiers. Now that you have an idea why Yellowstone’s hype is always on cloud nine spread the word so that no one missed out on this brilliant work of fiction.

Moving towards the big question – when is season 4 premiering?  

The expectation for season 4 is as high as they could be since new Yellowstone Jackets will be showcased with Montana appropriate weather. The whole fan base is eagerly waiting to know if the rumor about a new addition to the Dutton family is true or not. Season 4’s production has started, as indicated by the Instagram post made by the official account, but no date for the premiere has been released yet. It is expected to debut in the coming summer!