These Videogame-Inspired Jackets Are Rocking the Internet

These Videogame-Inspired Jackets Are Rocking the Internet

While The Outer Worlds, published by Private Division, is taking the lead in terms of one of the most exciting video games, it is really important to take into account the fact that the immensely enchanting and colorful jackets featured in the video game are literally influencing the minds of the players.

Despite the post-summer season is far away from being over and winter would take months to invade your town, there is nothing wrong in getting your hands on the trendy jackets inspired by top video games to get prepared for the winter invasion in advance.

As the demand for the Video game costumes is on the rise, a lot of players are looking at the video games for better alternatives to their old style jackets.

If you understand the trend has shaped in favor of the fashionistas, you might want to explore the exceptional attires and break down the trend list of jackets inspired by Outer Worlds and other video games in the content below. So, let’s dig into it and help you find the right options to match your too special casual outfits.

Inspired By Sophia Akande

An NPC in The Outer World, Sophia Akande’s unbelievably hot blue jacket is the new inspiration for those who seek for the new stuff in terms of fashion. This ultra-modern and unique jacket’s various shades of blue will get you covered all the time regardless of the increase or decrease in temperature.

Besides featuring open hem cuffs and leather made thick exterior, Akande’s jacket is a real-time fix for your outerwear problems in the long run.

If you don’t have enough time to head to an online store or invade the nearest shopping mall for some good pick-ups to cover up the empty space in your closet, you might wanna try Outer Worlds Sophia Akande Jacket as a quick fix.

Invest In The Style 

In order to wear it right, you can opt for dashing black striped pants, a white tank top, and cool jewelry pieces dominating your fingers, ears, and neck. As far as the footwear is concerned, it could be anything from high heels to Chelsea boots matching your standard.

Taken from Keith’s Outfit

Ever since the trend of medium-sized jackets has exposed the reality of the average and big-sized jackets, fashionistas inspired by the videogames are looking forward to replacing their old outer layers with them as a revolutionary step to update their policies.

This includes Keith’s cropped yet multi-colored jacket from the video game Voltron which has been very well received by the online gaming community. Besides offering yellow, red, and white-colored exterior to give you a sensational look, it also features a thick exterior capable of blocking the cold breeze from freezing your body.

Keith’s jacket is a far better option than most of those cheap outer layers which are usually grabbed to save money. However, if money is not a big problem for you, there is no need to neglect the tri-colored outerwear and a cheaper piece.

The Perfect Way To Don It 

Consider grabbing a v-neck white tee, black striped trouser, and white sports cap defining your personality. If you don’t find these to be enough for you, think of adding cropped denim pants and a ripped flannel shirt instead for a finer look.

Aviator Jacket Featured in Far Cry 5 

As soon as the Far Cry 5 released, it left behind a long list of accessories that dominated the minds of the players. While the list includes numerous articles, it also was equipped by the Aviator jacket of brown shade.

With the awesome combination of fur-collar and zippered closure, the aviator jacket easily advanced into the updated trend list of excellent jackets featured in the videogames.

Whether you like wearing aviator jackets to update your style or rock one to pay tribute to the U.S military, you should check out this brown colored outerwear from Far Cry 5 to make yourself look hotter and an updated person.

Follow Gavin Reed 

One of the best-selling articles inspired by the video game Detroit: Become Human, Gavin Reed’s hooded leather jacket is another surprisingly hot attire to try this winter.

When you are tired of trying all kinds of jackets only to be dissatisfied with their use, the time has come for Reed’s heavyweight winter jacket which would give you what other outer layers couldn’t give you.

This heavyweight winter essential would protect you like no other fine article featured in Detroit: Become Human. In the entire history of the production company behind the development of the said video game, there has been no such article inspired by a character that has received such a level of fame.

Here Is How You Can Try It 

Go for an inner thin layer of white color with charcoal chinos and white low converse taking your style way beyond your rivals and ensure to maintain a matchless attitude.

Goku Sets the Trend

From the leather made external skin to the Goku logo on the sleeve, the last pick up in my list of astonishing video game outer layers is all about Goku’s choice. This dual-colored casual accessory is a fine example of the partnership of two very different colors.

If you do like investing in rib-knit shirt collared jackets, this one is designed for you. A jacket featured such unique and never seen before colors usually get neglected by most of the fashionistas, however, this one seems to be a pure exception.

Opposed to the trend, it has already set up a positive impression upon the majority of the fashionistas who love Goku’s character more than anything else.

A Fine Way to Cover Your Body Using Goku’s Outerwear

Besides using a rounded cotton tee as the innermost layer, you can also use a V-neck full sleeves military green shirt with the same colored patched pants supported by a fine pair of derby shoes.

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