Vintage x Modern – Rock This Fusion at Your Costume Parties!

Vintage x Modern - Rock This Fusion at Your Costume Parties!

Do you remember the time when red lipsticks and pin-up hairstyles were every woman’s style statement? The fashion in the ‘80s and ‘90s was one of its kind. From loose shirts to baggy pants, people looked voguish in all of these attires. The best part – it didn’t matter if you don’t have a particular vintage outfit, the makeup and hair would do the work anyway. The popular clothing item that was just loved by people of any age and gender is a Vintage Style Jacket. These jackets are still with us, having just the right amount of everything. Let’s have a look at some of them.

A Modern Touch of Multicolors:

In the old times, people would add multiple colors to their outfits and would ace them proudly. This trend then got evolved, and we saw people’s interest shifting towards subtle one-toned outfits. That was it until we saw a young singer popping up in the music industry whose artistic abilities were dripping from his outfits. Oliver Tree’s signature colorful Vintage Style Jacket became the talk of the town as soon as we first saw it. The jacket looks like the perfect fusion of retro-modern, and we can’t make our inside vintage-lover sleep!

Tree’s eccentric personality becomes even more unique when he wears the Oliver Tree Jacket to his concerts. The jacket is made of cotton with a blend of vivid colors, including pink, purple, and yellow. You might think of him as a typical white boy with a weird bowl haircut but come on, let’s give him some credits for bringing back colors to our life! You can pull off his look at your costume parties with the same bowl cut hair or go with your usual self in anOlive Tree Jacket – both will work fine.

A Trendy TV Series With Many Vintage Outfits: 

Yellowstone – the series that is making the headlines with not just the amazing storyline but the charismatic wardrobe collection as well. The story revolves around family drama and political disputes about the Yellowstone Ranch owned by the Dutton Family. We are not going to dive into the storyline here; let’s focus on the outfits of the characters. The Beth Dutton Coat was the best creation of the wardrobe stylist, Ruth Carter, so far.

The coat was in bright-blue color with subtle maroon stripes and was donned by the gorgeous Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. The coat is in a cloak style, which looked even more appealing to Beth. The story relates to the vintage times, so the outfits are typically vintages too – but with the right amount of modern. Apart from this coat, John Dutton’s vest and a Vintage Style Jacketworn by Monica Dutton are hot picks too.

This TV series is trending right now, so choose any of the characters, style up like them, and nail the vintage look inspired by recent times.

A Timeless Leather Jacket:

The simplest take on the typical leather jackets is a Cafe Racer Leather Jacket. This jacket is the perfect embodiment of the fusion of vintage with the modern. The classy jacket has a minimalistic style with a round collar and straight zipper on the front. The pockets are usually two or sometimes more than two, maybe four; two on the chest and two on the waist.

The distinguishing feature of this jacket? You don’t have to do anything extra with them; they would complement every outfit without tiring you. These jackets are donned by our favorite celebrities, which makes sure that these jackets are never going out of fashion. And that’s why you will find a lot of Cafe Racer jackets in Halloween Costume Ideas 2020. From celebrity looks to a badass biker appearance and sophisticated look to a scary outlook, these jackets are the best for every kind of costume party.

Made of the top-notch quality of fabrics, these vintage jackets can usually be worn with anything and even nothing, stunned, right? If you go and check the vintage celebs photoshoots from the ‘80s and ‘90s, you will come across many pictures in which the models are wearing just a Vintage Style Jacketon their naked bodies- and the hotness, oh my! Just style these jackets as you like, and get any look that you want. These classical jackets are now included in Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 to give you the desired outlooks – slutty, innocent, everything!

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