Weekend-ready Looks from Timeless Wardrobe Basics

Weekend-ready Looks from Timeless Wardrobe Basics

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We all truly believe in this, but only a few prove it true. If you are also tired of those fake friends, then don’t feel miserable because someone is going to stay with you no matter what. Surprised? Just go to your closet and take out the basic outfits resting in it because they are the real gems! They are with you for many years, and you didn’t even notice them. Mixing and matching these basics with each other will undoubtedly give us a lot of new outfits that we can ace every day!

A Perfect Fitted Jeans

Jeans are those all-rounders that save us from the confusion of how to pair up a top. You can never go wrong with jeans. Either you go for an electric Chris Martin Viva Jacket or a plain blazer, jeans are going to elevate your outfit look anyway. Paired with basic t-shirts or fancy glittery tops, perfectly fitted jeans compliments everything. It is the only bottom wear that is with us since we don’t even remember when! We are seeing jeans on our TV screens even when we used to have those black and white TVs. So, don’t hesitate and find the perfect size of jeans now!

A Neutral Colored Shirt

A basic shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that looks good with any pairing. Formal, casual, or semi-formal, every genre covered by a nice shirt. You can create an entirely dapper and bold look with it and even go for a sophisticated business person look in minutes. Just wear it underneath a leather jacket and rock that friends get together, or pair it with an FF7 Remake Jacket, and set the costume party’s stage on fire. It’s always safe if you choose a neutral-toned shirt like black, white, or grey, as these colors complement every top layer and bottom. Now dress up for the weekend according to your mood with a basic shirt!

A Cute Skirt

If you’re not in a mood of covering yourself entirely and want to show the skin, then having a skirt would please you. Get a subtle-toned skirt and pair it up with a basic t-shirt or a button-down shirt and beat the heat in style. Showing up in it to beach parties with a classy Fragile Express Jacket or wearing it formally to a business brunch, every event will lit up with this amazing wardrobe essential.

A Classy Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the evergreen, ever-stylish top layers which give us many looks with the right styling. Now they come in a variety of designs with multiple zippers, zipper open or closed fronts, many lapels, and linings. Have you seen Lea Seydoux’s Fragile Express Jacket? Yes, that classy leather jacket that stole our hearts when we first saw it in the videogame. No matter what the event is, a leather jacket would instantly lift your look. A Chris Martin Viva Jacket with multiple colors straps would add a fun element to your basic wardrobe. Just never hesitate to buy a perfect fit leather jacket.

An Ideal Pair Of Footwear

What’s better than having a pair of footwear that compliments every outfit? The easiest way is to find shoes that you feel comfortable in and buy two colors in it. If you feel happy in statement shoes, buy one in black and another in white, so that you would never run out of options. But that’s optional. You can go for buying just one pair in black or any monochromatic color, and it would spice up your every outfit look, even a red FF7 Remake Jacket look too. So, a pair of footwear that matches every outfit is a wardrobe essential that you must have!

An Elegant Tote Bag

Ladies who love to carry their go-to essentials with them can never go out without a bag. Even if they go out for grocery shopping or to a parlor, a bag or a purse is a must. Men usually carry a wallet with them. A gorgeous bag is a wardrobe essential that completes your look in minutes. You don’t need to spend dollars on it, just visit a preloved store and get a neutral colored bag that would go with every outfit.

Just keep in mind the key tricks and techniques that would give you many trendy and dapper looks with just the basics. Either you want to go funky in a multiple colored Chris Martin Viva Jacket or stay simple in just a white t-shirt, these wardrobe basics are your ultimate solutions.

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