What Bruce Wayne actually wanted from the ARKHAM KNIGHT JACKET

What Bruce Wayne actually wanted from the ARKHAM KNIGHT JACKET

Early Life

Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a very early age and in a very disturbing manner. As he was returning home with them from the cinema, they found themselves in a shady area where Wayne’s parents got shot by unidentified men. Bruce got very emotional, and it was a very tough time for him. But he decided that he will take revenge for the murder by eliminating all evil from Gotham City. He aspired to become a good guy and fight crime. A doctor named Dr. Thompkins helped him to fulfill his dream. The incident took place in the town of Arkham, where the Arkham Knight Jacket owner, i.e., Jason Todd, resided.

His Teenage and Adult Days

He got educated, traveled the world, and learned every skill he would need to counter crime. As an adult, he had a double life. In the day, he was a billionaire making money from his different companies, and in the night, he set out into Gotham City to fight crimes and bad guys.

Batman’s Secret Headquarters

A fancy laboratory was built under his mansion in caves. In there, the dark knight would have his arsenal of weapons and other necessary superhero equipment. It is a state-of-the-art territory equipped with the most modern machines. His suit is nothing less than the extraordinary. Fireproof PLUS bulletproof with a black cape. To get to the crime scene swiftly, he has several machines such as the Batmobile, Batcopter, etc.

Why is he so loved?

Batman is admired by everyone because of his love for his parents, hatred towards crime, bravery, and skills. He wouldn’t let a crime be committed anywhere. As soon as he would get the news of a criminal doing his daily job, he would rush to the scene in his fancy mode of transport and eliminate the evil out of it.

The Apparel

The Arkham Knight jacket is also inspired by Batman’s suit. The bat logo is present on both of them. There’s only a color and style difference. The Batman suit does not have a hoodie and is blue and black in color. On the other hand, the Arkham Knight wears a red and black jacket with a red hoodie.

 Bruce Wayne’s Dreams

The Arkham Knight dreamt of a perfect world. Where there is no injustice. People love and respect each other. And the villains of Gotham have finished their quest of doom and become mentally sound. Unfortunately, that is not a possibility in the Arkham Asylum.

The Rate of Crimes

There are many Bruce Waynes present all over the world. But the number of violent crimes in the United States of America has decreased since the year 1991. In the US, there were around 16 425 murders in the year 2019. This is a good thing because, in 1991, there were as many as 24,700 cases of murder or manslaughter. Nobody would want their loved ones to pass away. ESPECIALLY in front of them. This can leave a huge psychological effect on the person also, which can last a lifetime.

Mugging Incident

The mother and father of Bruce Wayne got murdered while getting mugged. The robbers were after money and jewelry but did not get satisfied with just these materialistic things. It is still a mystery why they killed Batman’s loved ones. Some people connect the murder with the Arkham Knight, but this theory is not so authentic. This is because the muggers were not children, and if they were, they would sound Batman’s age when he actually became a superhero.

Why is the Game in Demand?

The Batman Arkham Knight Red hood leather jacket has become a symbol of action and fighting. But still, people love it! The reason is that it is connected with Batman having the logo of Batman on it. While playing a video game, the person gets absorbed into it due to the graphics, controls, visuals, and audio. And the Arkham Knight’s graphics are out of this world!

Love and Hatred towards the Game

Batman Arkham Knight is an awesome game, but still, like every other thing out there, some people failed to discover the charm of it and gave negative reviews. Some said that the gameplay has some bugs; others complained that there was an overuse of the Batmobile. Mind you, there are some pretty fancy activities in the game. For example its lets you disable computer systems to stop escalators. This might be funny but definitely something creative.

A religious gamer wears his heart on his sleeve by giving the following comments:

“There is no second opinion on the fact that The Arkham Knight is one of the most exciting video games of all time. The storyline and gameplay take you to another dimension. But there have been some serious “flaws” in it too. These include the “boring” use of the Batmobile. It is exciting at first, but after you blow up different vehicles for about the 50th time, it turns you off. The feeling is quite similar to when you learn to drive in real life. At first, you would want to drive everywhere, but by the time, you just want to get off the driving seat and pass the steering wheel to someone else”.

Batman’s Importance

The criminals of Gotham city have a morbid nature, and that’s what makes everything so freaky. To combat such activities, it takes a brave heart and skillful mind. Batman is immortal in his comics, movies, and games. Even with the explosives, he deals with to counter-terrorism doesn’t make him come anywhere near to harm. His contribution to the elimination of evil is unmatchable, which makes him one of the best if not the greatest superhero of all time. The batman red hood jacket is so unique because its designers are very skillful and experienced.