What Surprises and Mysteries Cobra Kai Brings?

What Surprises and Mysteries Cobra Kai Brings?

The continuation of The Karate Kids — Cobra Kai — is recently all set to go for the third season. Coming to the screens after a long 30-year gap from the Karate Kids movie series, fans have warmly welcomed the TV series on Netflix after Youtube Premium. The legendary Cobra Kai Jacket brought back all the childhood memories of the films that we watched again and again.

As the rivalry continues between Daniel and Johnny, many mysteries and Easter Eggs are also surprising us all along. Josh Heald cleverly explained all the details and answered almost all the questions in your mind. Let’s have a look at a few of the jaw-dropping surprises that have amazed us until today!

The First Name of Mr. Miyagi: 

The most influential character of The Karate Kid — Mr. Miyagi — didn’t have the first name in the movies, surprisingly. The man who made Daniel a success with his training sessions was the main reason behind the personality of Daniel that we all love. Not just that, he also gave his students an ample amount of time to provide important life messages which helped them in their lives. Look at Daniel!

His words were always motivational for the fictional characters as well as for all the real-world people. Where everybody was a fan of him, the mystery behind his name always bothered every single person. He was known as just ‘Miyagi,’ ‘Miyagi Yakuga’ in the animated version from 1989, and then ‘Keisuke Miyagi’ in the 1994’s The Karate Kid. The TV series vanished all the doubts with the scene when Daniel visited his grave, having written ‘Nariyoshi Miyagi’ on it. Finally!

Daniel’s Car:

The real surprise was the appearance of Daniel’s yellow Ford in Cobra Kai! Yes, the same vintage car from 1947 that became the desire of everyone’s heart immediately. As surprising as it was to see a car from the ’40s in the 21st century, it was in the same classic condition. It looks like Daniel didn’t use it much! The car was parked at Mr.Miyagis’ place when Daniel, along with Robby, visited him. The big car was a present from Mr. Miyagi to Daniel, which symbolized the conversion of Daniel into an unbeatable Karate champion!

Reference to Terry Silver:

When John Kreese told that he had been offered a job by his old war buddy, who do you think he was referring to? Yes! It was Terry Silver, his soldier pal from the army of Vietnam, who played the role of villain along with him. Both kept the thrill alive in the third part of The Karate Kid with their evil plans and funded the Cobra Kai dojo. Terry also made the knuckles of Daniel bleed as an act of revenge for Kreese. A great best friend, though!

The Appearance of the Legends:

The best nostalgic episode that featured all the previous characters in it was the most refreshing one. The old pals of Johnny from the ’80s movies called him to plan a reunion. Bobby, Tommy, Jimmy, and all the others appeared in Cobra Kai. The episode not just took Johnny back to the old carefree days but also surprised us with the get-together of all of them in a single episode.

As the group was inseparable in the movies, fans were already wondering where they are now. The mystery was solved by the creators’ just right when the characters showed up as a team with the same love even after years!

Get Him a Body Bag!

Tommy was seen being zipped up in a bag in season 2 of Cobra Kai, which surprised us with the popular line ‘Get him a body bag!’ from the movies. This dialogue depicted the sarcastic tone and poised personality just right. It was a thing of teenagers at that time to take the lead on the opponent mentally. It was reintroduced in the second season to bring back memories as well as to surprise the fans.

Fernandez Meats:

Do you remember the kid wearing a shirt having “Makin’ Bacon” printed on it in The Karate Kid? Yes, the one who met Daniel when he shifted in the Reseda apartment. His name is Freddy Fernandez, and his love for bacon was evident in the movie and the TV series! In Cobra Kai, Daniel took his children for training to a meat locker, and to everyone’s surprise, the boxes and cartons there were all having stickers of ‘Fernandez Meats’ on them. Well, good work, Freddy!

Wax on/ Wax off:

Last but not least, when Miguel asked Johnny in Cobra Kai to wash the windows of the car in a specific way, it was an actual context to the movies. Johnny told him that he doesn’t give a shit about how he does it. This clearly showed his way of teaching, which is a lot different from Mr. Miyagi’s. Mr. Miyagi trained Daniel to wash the car according to ‘Wax On/Wax Off.’ Well, Johnny, your cool Cobra Kai Leather Jacket does make you feel something, isn’t it, mate?

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