Which Personality Do You Have According To These Walking Dead Outfits?

Type of Personality you posses according to these Walking Dead Outfits

Personalities are the total reflection of your inner self. The way traits penetrate your personality. You can find out the ways how to detect someone’s personality based on their distinct traits. But when it comes to matching those personalities from a season-inspired character. It is a tat bit of a difficult task to do. So, when we talk about having an identity, personalities play a vital role in it, and the outlook matters the most. Fashion, however, is the only gateway to knowing a personality better than ever. You would be astonished by how amazingly you can manage to bring these elements together in your little notebook to make some real and valuable guesses about a person. You can surely get some of the best options when you gather personality grooming. You always start with wardrobes and then hop on to accessories. This can surely up your game. Fashion choices make it more clear for you how you want to shape the look and how it would suit you as a person. 

Sometime’s we opt for subtle, and sometimes they are formal or fancy. Other than that, some of the cosmopolitan, country, and streetwear looks are some of the neutral tones of fashion that we call out as out-of-the-box looks. In a fashion which we can always experiment with. You can surely gather yourself as the classiest person or just a chunky one from the top to the selvage. Your closet is the best decision-maker for you to make you look hot yet preppy at the same time. The Walking Dead Outfits collection is one hell of a ride that has so much to offer to you, and it would help you identify your personality in the crowd and know it better than anyone else. 

So let’s dig into some of the deep personality secrets when it comes to the fashion choices you make according to your preferences. Let’s see what we have in our trunk show for you to have to make you feel confident. So getting into this messy yet interesting discussion would help you achieve that perfect personality check you ever wanted to have. 

Maggie the Go-Getter

If you are wondering how come you can be Maggie from the Walking Dead. Then you have to detect some of the traits that Maggie has you can also possess. The survivor of the apocalypse Maggie is one of the iconic characters when it comes to being a go-getter. Now, if you are pretty observant and strong with lots of self-belief. You had probably chosen the Maggie Rhee Plaid Jacket. It is one of the best options when it comes to streetwear and lets you be comfortable, so if you want things to be more minimalistic and you focus on little details more than just a casual overlook on things. You always have a deeper opinion in everything but don’t seem like that much of a thinker. 

You are a true warrior of the battles that are within. You are that one person who never expresses what you are going through from the inside, but you could be helpful to people. You can use your little smile or appreciation to make a day for someone. You prefer being solid and minimal on the color and design when it comes to fashion. High-end designs are just not your thing because the elegance in your personality would complement even casual wear too with sheer grace. This would help you achieve the best subtle look that you have carried. Maggie’s character has a really blended edge to it when it comes to showing her journey how she has transformed herself into a better version. You can not predict her moves until and unless she wants to reveal them. And this is exactly one of the top personality traits that make a go-getter. You can have everything in this world, but if you don’t have determination and docs, you just can’t achieve anything. This is something that you should consider doing when it comes the time to work on your action plan. 

The Evil Negan

Now Negan is the only character who is venomous from his traits but guess what? His personality has a very different arch than anyone else. You can not predict what kind of a person he is. A person who likes the Negan character from the Walking Dead would also want to get this Negan leather jacket that has a classic black color. So if you like this jacket and want to slay it like Negan from the season. Then you are someone who likes to keep your lifestyle more classy. You are so particular about what you want to have in your life. You have your strategies to get things done in your life. 

You have a very intelligent approach to everything. You also have somehow a stubborn nature. You just don’t take a no easily. In any aspect of your life. You never want to lose and would go off-limits to achieve the win. This kind of personality is so strong-headed and has the perfect planning for their future. You can be the attractive person in the group who is outgoing and eventually grabs the attention of everyone through your dapper style and some dope accessories you carry together. You know how to frame yourself in front of others. You have immense confidence in your personality that leads you to flaunt from some preppy streetwear looks to the dandy style classy ones altogether. 

This is just like child play for you to get the job without even thinking or planning everything. It just comes instantly to you. Now, to make an impression on others or anything that would go well with your personality. Your personality has to be so attractive that it magnetically makes you visible in the eye of others. This jacket is for you if you are going for the Negan jacket and have something like a relatability with the traits of this character. 

Born Leader Rick

Leadership qualities are something that not everyone possesses. These days we don’t find it very often. You can now make sure that you have this perfect Rick Grimes jacket that happens to be one of the best formal looks that look stunning and ritzy at the same time. The kind of personality you have is more reliable and selfless. You love others around you and always think about them. You have a born leader inside you, so you make your instructions very clear and make sure everyone follows them. You have some of the best capabilities in making teamwork swiftly. You know how to keep your promise and would go to any lengths to fulfill it. Since you have leadership qualities, there is something innate in you. 

Their sense of responsibility that anyone can wish for. You are so responsible and make sure that you finish your work beforehand, so there is no trouble with the last-minute rushes in your plan. You are an overall package of intelligence and all goodness. From loyalty to behavioral traits. There is a huge list of good qualities that you possess. People are attracted to you and feel utterly comfortable talking to you and share their problems with you. Another thing that outlooks in your personality are wise. You are someone to whom everyone can come for advice. You are a sure protagonist for every story that you coke through, and your loved ones would be proud of you. 

The Competitive Carol


She is one of the best characters in the history of the Walking Dead. The character building was phenomenal, and it created its benchmark. From being that one shy woman who never spoke out for anything to losing her husband and kid. Her journey is not only tragic but holds so much experience. Some people in our lives have always got more experience than us. No matter if they are younger than us. Because age never defines our maturity. It is the time and kind of events we go through in life. It just gets better and better Carol blue denim jacket is chic, and the best thing ever happened to the fashion world. If you are a fan of her, then you might also know about yourself.

Let’s elaborate more. You are someone who has seen so much in life and experienced so many things that you know about how people’s mind works. It is something you just grasp in a blink of an eye. You would be able to grasp everything that person is thinking or intending to do about you. This ability comes with experience and maturity. Also, you can handle the situation well. You don’t want in situations or times of difficulty. You are a great decision maker and want to take responsibility for them on your own. You own your flaws and always learn from your mistakes.

You are the nicest person on this earth if the other person is lovely and nice to you. But the other the moment you sense danger in anything, you turn yourself into that defensive person in an argument, and you end up being the person who is protective about themselves and their loved ones. You have a pretty thick emotional layer and the kind of fashion apparel you select for yourself. They are manageable and more durable. 

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