Why Is Akira Considered As The Best Anime Ever?

Why Is Akira Considered As The Best Anime Ever?

Akira — the legendary anime that reverted the whole anime world. Three decades have passed since this anime has hit our screens, but the trembling from Akira’s name is still the same. The legendary movie is not only a triumph of anime success but also a great inspiration for much other anime. Akira Jacket and Kaneda’s character influenced so many upcoming movie characters. The creators put so many things at stake for making this anime.

Akira is considered a historical treasure for animation worldwide. Many western movies have recreated Kaneda’s bike slide scene, and it was a new experience for everyone. Many people didn’t like its story, but they also praised the efforts Otomo has put into this anime with a whole lot of hardworking team. When Akira first appeared on screens, everyone assumed that it would be like any other anime, but as soon as they caught its first glance, their perceptions were changed.

The whole world felt the earth-shaking reverberations of Akira; for the first time, the international audience paid attention to anime and had a life-changing experience. This movie sure was a gem; there are so many factors which unitedly make Akira a mega-blockbuster movie and reflect that Otomo certainly worked hard to make this movie a phenomenon. Akira is considered the biggest anime ever, and it has set the bars so high, almost difficult to reach.

It seems like Otomo has planned to rule the industry for a long time with such cool and influential anime. Here is why Akira is an aesthetic cyberpunk and better than every other anime.


Anime is considered the most expensive anime movie ever. When Otomo decided to spend a fortune on a movie, everyone was a little worried about what would happen? People waited anxiously for this movie to see whether or not Otomo has utilized the eight freaking million dollars he decided to spend on an anime. Yes, Otomo lavished 8 million dollars on this movie, but in the end, it all worked out as Akira multiplied its cost by ten by gathering $80 million worldwide.


Unlike countless other anime, Akira used hand-drawn technology. Creators used over 160,000 cels to animate the detailed scenes in Akira. In the cel animation, a celluloid fluid was used to draw layered animations in the movie. Cels displayed every little detail of the screen in such good quality that we can’t help but love it. The background, middle details, and foreground features, each was based on different cels.

This technique consumed much time, as drawing every frame with hands was not an easy task. Also, working on details of every character was the toughest task, as it took nearly two years. For every movement of the character, there had to be a different celluloid layer on a plastic sheet, and there were no computers to help the artists. However, without any involvement of technology, the characters have come out as aesthetic alive figures.

This was the first time portrayal of detailed scenes with well-defined backgrounds, so this feature grabbed the public’s attention. Even brutal scenes like a cloud eating up Tokyo or the reemergence of Akira through gigantic mass destruction looked so unbelievably alive. So, overall, Akira was an iconic movie, which can’t be recreated; no matter how many years are going to pass, Akira is going to stay the same!


Akira didn’t narrate a tale; it took us all in Neo-Tokyo by showing the vast thematic features. Many stories run parallelly in Akira, the story of friendship, a cute love story, and a story of the declining state due to the government’s clumsiness or dull-witted decisions. People cried when Tetsuo came under an attack; they felt sad when Tetsuo could not control his urge to destroy the world. The audience lived through every movement of this movie when Kaneda had to fight with Tetsuo, everyone felt hopeful, but there was no use of this hope. An emotional roller coaster movie inspired many movies after it; still, the sci-fi genre is under Akira’s debt for giving such exquisite ideas. Not only this movie but Akira Leather Jackets are also acing the cosplays and Halloween wardrobe.

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