Why Shearling Jackets Are Hard To Let Go of!

Why Shearling Jackets Are Hard To Let Go of!

There are many outerwears that serve you with both the functionality and maintain your fashionable looks in the winter season, but one attire, in particular, has been in our wardrobes for Millennia may not be decades, shearling jackets ( or sheepskin ).

Started just as a pelt what humans wore after recognizing the snug and benefits of any skin. As the years passed, this skin got the shape of an outfit but when the pilots wore it to the skies, then was the time when this attire gained its true popularity and became a staple of our winter wardrobes. Ever since, the shearling is flying higher than ever before.

The best way to understand the popularity without a little background check of shearling is at your disposal. So let’s have a quick history lesson.

You may have over-heard somewhere that the Military Aviators were the ones who discovered the amazing properties of sheepskin, but that’s not true at all. The amazing thing about jackets is that they are highly functional. For example due to the lightweight of the shearling jacket, RAF was preferred as the primary uniform throughout WWII, which was called the Irvin sheepskin flying jacket, and in 1934 B-3 bomber jackets were allocated to the American Air Force.

The real ones who relish the snug features of it were the Stone Age beings, just like the way we modern Homo-Sapiens do. For many years after its creation, it was a signifier of social status, and those who wore a shearling outfit were more likely to be recognized in any gathering. Those who boosted the popularity and the fame of this functional outerwear were the Britians, Tudor-era men with the help of their fur-lined front-opening over gowns. After this era, shearling is recognizable and one of the essentials too. Many have to have it in their wardrobes or wish list.

Quite sometime later, when the American and British pilots took it to the skies in the form of shearling jackets, as we know them now but back then, it was a part of their uniform to keep the crew members warm. So the crew members can complete their mission without shivering because, at that time, the plane wasn’t very well insulated, and their flying suits weren’t high-tech. The  Bomber Shearling jackets became a commodity. So to fulfill that purpose, they made one of the most stylish and functional pieces of attire that we all love even almost a century after.

All that covers up almost the entire history of the shearling but not quite literally; after that, our movie stars play a major role in uplifting the standards of this amazing piece of attire. Like Marlon, Brando was the first one to encounter such a timeless jacket; even though he was wearing the all-original B3 jacket but he was the one to make this attire a great hit in pop culture.

 If we are talking about the real bomber jackets and the iconic celebs wear, there’s too many to mention individually, but there’s one from Hollywood blockbuster film and probably one of the best films that has portrayed what it takes to be a fighter pilot and the cruel decisions our pilots have to make in the battlefield which is Top Gun, starring one of the most popular faces of Hollywood, Tom Cruise. During his training days in the Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada ( or TOP GUN), he wore a timeless outfit that urges the whole of America to wear a shearling jacket, and the jacket from the classic movie is now in demand by the name, “top gun Jacket” by the fashion freaks of the era.

Now, like every other amazing thing which is just going upwards, it causes it to be molded in a different form to make it more functional or more stylish. That same thing happened to the most functional material, sheepskin. Today you can see so many things being made by this pelt, coats, winter jackets, gowns, shoes, you name it, you will find a thing or two which utilizes this material.

The shearling is no doubt going to be your best armor towards the harsh cold weather, but there are so many great things about it that will urge you to make it a part of your wardrobe.

As in the markets of today, there are so many chic attires to choose from that are made from sheepskin. These attires make you a hundred percent sure that they will look great on you while keeping you warm because there aren’t many attires to provide the functionality and fashionable looks both at the same time. There would be a lot of times where you have to sacrifice your fashion over comfortability.

You might have been seeing this attire for ages and have wondered — “Is an entire eternity of shearling in fashion really worth it ?“ the simple answer is, Yes, it is. If you are asking this question, it means you haven’t ever made this classic attire a part of your wardrobe. If so, first, you are missing out a lot, and you have no idea about the versatility of this material.

Let’s take an example of the original B-3 Bomber jackets; it’s about almost a century old, but still, it is the best and a must-own piece of attire according to many fashion icons. Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Tom Hardy, Dwayne Johnson, and so many other fashion icons have worn a shearling leather jacket at least once; they are known for starting trends, so if the shearling is out of the fashion book, why would they ever wear it in public?

Whether we talk about lightweight attire, versatile outfits, or any other most functional outerwear options, the shearling hands down is the first that would come in any fashion lovers’ mind. There are so many great things about shearling, which is why it’s quite hard to let go of!

Whether you style it with a dress shirt, a polo shirt, or a random T-shirt, a shearling jacket is a universal style that will never let you down. People will turn heads, as you leave behind a long-lasting impression!

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