Yellowstone: A Short Recap before You Stream Season 3!

Yellowstone: A Short Recap before You Stream Season 3!

Yellowstone — the TV series shot on the beautiful plains of Montana has got everything in it. From action-filled thrilling fights to the gorgeous wardrobe collection of each character, every single aspect has no competitors anywhere else. The Beth Dutton Blue Coat became the most popular, even more than that episode, as soon as it first appeared on the screens. Since you are waiting desperately for season 3, here is the summary of both seasons to help you go through your memory lane!


The battle between Broken Rock restriction and Yellowstone Ranch starts as the season opens. The opponents think that the area and cattle stocks claimed by Dutton Family are not theirs. A raging fire blazes when John’s son Lee gets assassinated by a resident from Broken Rock. The slow fall of the Dutton family then starts.

John directs the case of his son while keeping a land developer, Dan Jenkins, away from their property. John also gets diagnosed with cancer but decides to stay silent. Beth then comes forward to lead the family business. Being a law person, she tried her best in the court against Dan and, at the same time, slept with his father’s men.

Monica’s brother — Robert — kills the brother of Kayce (from Broken Rock), who then murders Robert as an act of revenge. This is the main reason for tension between both reservations. Kayce then moves home when Monica suffers from a brain injury and comes so close to death. He didn’t stop here though, he hanged Dan by fixing him on a horse and tying a rope around his neck.

Where every Dutton has its problems, Jamie tries to be the most sophisticated one of them. He uses his law powers to guard the ranch when Montana’s Governor starts to look after the family. Many journalists also start looking into the family’s illegal actions, and this is where John gives a deadline to Jamies; either leave politics or forget the Dutton name. After a lot of drama, Jamie chooses to cut off from the family and continues moving towards being Attorney General. His high moral persuades him to talk to the journalist about protecting Yellowstone even if it’s against his father’s will.


John Dutton’s cancer starts to become a big problem for him. He begins to see the end of his life, and that’s when he starts to try to arrange someone who can look after the ranch after him. He depends on Kayce most of the time but Kayce has been out of control since his new authority. Nothing keeps John apart from the family circumstances as he still leads the jurisdiction.

Things start to get exciting when John has to partner up with Dan and his local partner, Rainwater, against The Beck Brothers, a nasty real estate gang. When Jamie stands to be Montana’s Attorney General, his family brings a new lawyer to fight against him. But when a journalist collects proofs and evidence about the bad-bad things done by the Dutton family, he ends up murdering that journalist and leaving her body in the river.

Beth has the roughest season of them all. Although she tries to be the most logical one of all the family members, she pays the price. All she wanted was the betterment of her family, but the Beck Brothers, who have nothing left to do against her, sends two men to rape her. Beth’s assistant gets killed, and when they come to Beth, Rip intervenes at the right time and kills both men. Beth and Rip then confess their love for each other.

Rip has always been there for the family in all moves, even if they are violent enough. He not only saves Beth but also protects the Dutton family from being overruled. The thing that surprises everyone the most is that John decides to ask him to take charge of the Yellowstone Ranch when he departs. The amount of trust, though! As the season moves towards the end, Beck Brothers get murdered, and Tate leaves the white nationalists.

Of course, that’s not even half the drama that happened in the TV series! The two seasons are packed with drama, intrigues, family politics, and romance, keeping every one of us glued to the screen for the new season. And yes — the Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Hooded Coat is and will always be everyone’s most favorite outfit of Beth Dutton or even of the whole series!