Yellowstone: Outfits that You Should Never Miss On!

Yellowstone: Outfits that You Should Never Miss On!

During all the drama and suspense, one should never miss the wardrobe collection of any TV series or movie — especially if it’s Yellowstone! They are the best ways to solve our everyday problem of deciding the outfit. Yellowstone has some eye-catching outfit inspirations based on American Western fashion with just the right amount of modern touch.

If your mind has diverted towards the stunning outfits of Beth Dutton, don’t forget the remarkable John Dutton Wardrobe collection! Let’s have a look at some of the unforgettable outfits which complement every event just right.

Mi­di Dress + Long Coat Outfit (S03E09):

Beth Dutton wore the most stunning outfit consisting of a shiny blue-teal colored midi dress reaching to knees. She layered the dress with a dark brown trench coat and made a loose bun that complimented her overall look. Slip-on a nice pair of brown or black ankle boots with this outfit and rock the style of an unbeatable woman. You can also go with your mood and change the color of the coat. Black, gray, and olive-green coats would go with the teal color of the dress perfectly.

Blue Hood­ed Coat (S03E06):

This is the coat that got the most highlight among all other outfits. Kelly Reilly, aka Beth Dutton, wore this vibrant blue coat with a hood and looked as gorgeous as ever. The coat is in a cloak style and has patterns made in the bottom area. She paired it with a pair of distressed jeans in light-blue color and left her hair open. A nicely polished pair of white or black sneakers would go with this outfit amazingly. For some extra sass, you can wear sunglasses as well.

White Pat­terned Rodeo Shirt (S03E06):

Hassie Harrison played the role of Laramie in the TV series. She wore a white rodeo shirt with a sleek collar and two pockets on the chest. The shirt is so beautiful that it can be worn over whatever bottom you choose — jeans, baggy pants, trousers, or chinos. Pairing a white cowboy hat with it will make it the perfect aesthetic-forward outfit. So, wear sneakers or oxford shoes with it and attain a unique weekend-ready look.

Bomber Jack­et of Beth Dut­ton (S03E10):

The camel brown bomber jacket with a white fur collar is, so far, the most stunning jacket of Beth Dutton. She wore it while riding on a horse with nice jeans and a brown cowboy hat. She even wore brown gloves to stay safe and look stylish. Wear a good pair of brown suede boots to complete the look. The bomber jacket is so simple yet so trendy that it made it to this list of unforgettable costumes. So, wherever you go on horse riding, you know what to wear.

Plaid Flan­nel Shirt (S03E02):

Plaid shirts are the life of the Western fashion culture of America. They are the perfect picks to go for whenever a retro look is required. Jennifer Landon, who is Teeter in Yellowstone, wore an outfit consisting of a white t-shirt as an inner and layered it with a red plaid shirt. She left the red plaid ombre unbuttoned and gave the inspiration to attain a street style look while looking aesthetically gorgeous. She wore jeans for the bottom and a cap on the head as well. You can go with a similar look for your next casual party while wearing sneakers for footwear.

Blue Shirt Dress (S03E10):

How can we forget this outfit of Beth Dutton! The dark blue shirt looked so mesmerizing on her charming personality that no one was able to take their eyes off her. She left the upper buttons open and wore a black hat. You can wear this classic shirt with jeans or trousers (it depends on the event you are heading towards) with sneakers or boots. This outfit is the best to wear on all occasions; formal, semi-formal, casual, anywhere.

Shear­ling Jack­et of John Dut­ton (S03E05):

Out of many breathtaking jackets from the John Dutton Wardrobe collection donned by Kevin Costner, the brown shearling jacket with white collars was the most prominent one. Although he wore it casually like other jackets, this one stands out due to the refined and composed look that it gave to him. He layered it over a gray shirt and jeans with the iconic brown hat looking as handsome as ever.

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