5 Ways to Wear Black and Red Together

5 Ways to Wear Black and Red Together

Say hello to the month of Valentine’s day when all the love-addicts both and men and women gather to propose, get married, make future plans or promise to stay together for the rest of their lives. While the Valentines Day Sale is on, the majority of the celebrators are too busy finding the right accessories to reveal the fashionable aspect of their personality upon their partner.

Yeah, it sounds to be too exciting to embark on a mission to find the Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfits but if you aren’t a typical fashionista armed with no sense to stylize a special outfit, you may need an expert’s assistance to inspire your man.

Valentine’s day is like a special event and probably the most important day for the ones who are too desperate to propose their partner. Since the rate of women proposing men is higher than ever before, you should be focusing on ways to add glory to your outfit.

A Valentine’s day themed outfit relies on a great selection of matching and contrasting colors. If you don’t know the power of dual-colored outfits, here are the 5 Ways to Wear Black and Red together at Valentines Day.

Leggings + Plaid Shirt

Girls don’t like keeping a low-profile which makes it even harder for them to satisfy their mind every other day. Since red and black partnership is all you need to uplift your style, this unusual combo of black leggings and a formal plaid shirt would be a great move by you to bring the much-needed creativity to your outfit. Supported by white sneakers and a black outer layer, you will show off as a beauty pageant.

Sequins Dress with Mules

Talking of black and red, a red sequin dress paired up with black mules will drop your man’s jaw in a matter of seconds. You can literally turn yourself into a hot creature irresistible to all the men around you. Never underestimate the ability of a dual-colored outfit such as the one featuring two colors since such wardrobes can make you a superstar in no time. Unbelievable right? Well, you better believe us after you follow through the formula.

Leather Pants and rounded shirt

Keep it as simple as you can or you will make it even harder for your boyfriend or husband-to-be to figure out what you are wearing. Never mind, but men aren’t into fashion as much as us women. A couple of basic staples, black leather pants added to Valentine’s day outfit with a red rounded shirt is a fine example of the power of dual-colored wardrobe. For a casual appearance, add denim made sneakers and white-framed sunglasses to appear hotter than your last meeting with your man.

Ankle high boots + Red Layer

As a fascinating outer layer is very important to complete the look, you can take a look at your outerwear and see if something suitable is kept there. In case you don’t want to settle for less, take on the Red Heart Black Velvet Blazer beneath the white inner layer, and pair it with black ankle-high boots and denim shorts. This should fix your Valentine’s day outfit related problem in moments while making you feel super confident.

Women's Black Velvet Blazer

Button-Down with High-Waisted Cotton Pants

Your Valentine’s day special outfit should be above-average which is why you are supposed to take great interest in the selection of the accessories or otherwise, you will be badly failed in your mission to grab his attention. Whether you are an average woman with no deep interest in fashion or a fashion-obsessed woman who can’t imagine breathing without fashion, a red button-down with high waisted black cotton pants could be enough to help you stay on the top.

While you are busy experimenting with different accessories to build a classy outfit on Valentine’s day do make sure you don’t forget to put on makeup to your face and carry a handbag like a gentlewoman.