Difference Between A2 and Bomber Jackets

Difference Between A2 and Bomber Jackets

Difference Between A2 and Bomber Jackets

If you are a fashion pundit, both the terms” A2 Jacket” and” Bomber Jacket” may sound familiar to you. You may have donned these two types of jackets on various occasions and might have filled your closet with many such pieces. However, have you ever tried to differentiate between A2 and a Bomber Jacket for a better understanding of what separates them from each other?

Assuming you just don’t have enough time or aren’t a typical reader fond of digging for knowledge, I am gonna make it simpler for you in this three-minute read. After you are done reading through the end, you will have a clearer picture defining the difference between the two most voguish attires associated with the military wear. Instead of mixing everything together, let’s asses each type of military clothing one by one so that you don’t have to struggle to understand the bullet points and the key differences.

A-2 Style Jackets

Mens A2 Bomber Leather Jacket

Starting with the pre WW2 attire, A2 Flight Aviator Leather Jacket is for sure the mother of all ” Flight Jackets ” that you hear about today. The history tells us that it was first used by U.S military men between 1930 and 1940. In the pre-war era, the jacket was mainly given to the pilots to protect them from the cold wind as the design of most of the jets was inspired by open cockpits. Basically, a successor to the A-1 Jacket, A-2 Leather Wear made the way to the mainstream military clothing when the U.S leadership decided to intervene in WW2 to aid the British forces against German forces. Soon, the American airmen were going to participate in thousands of air combat missions over the European and African continent.

A-2 Jackets Symbolizes the Tough Personas!

Thus, the need for A-2 was natural which made the designers to amend in the design giving it ribbed cuffs, epaulets, along with a shirt-like collar and a single button for upper closure. However, the interior, which used to feature pure silk lining experienced a significant change as cotton material replaced the former to ensure silk was preserved for parachutes. In fact, another major feature keeping it different from a bomber jacket was the use of horsehide leather in the making of the upper part instead of cowhide. Made with perfection and immensely quality material, A-2 Jacket could last a lifetime which is why it was only reserved for the air force’s elite officers.

The bomber and flight jackets were first produced with the intention of providing some lightweight work wear that would be suitable in every way for the military personnel. They have a timeline record that shows the changes in style and modifications that have occurred in their design. Flight jackets have seen design modifications from the time of invention when they were mainly produced for use by the military men, to contemporary times where they now qualify for use as cool casual outfits for almost anybody.

Bomber Jacket

Mens B3 Bomber Aviator Winter Shearling Jacket

Made for the airmen, Bomber Jackets were introduced in the U.S air force during the 1930s. Just like its rival, A-2, the first-ever bomber jacket was titled B-3. The major difference between A-2 and B-3 was the exterior and the number of pockets. While the former was made of just real leather material, the later relied on real leather with real sheepskin shearling to make it warmer to protect from extreme cold weather. Unlike A-2 with a button close to the collar, B3 Bomber Aviator Jacket had a zipper closure for easy adjustment which means no buttons were added to its list of features. As the sheepskin feature was dominant, the collar was also made of sheepskin material to provide maximum protection to the pilots in the air.

Soon after the start of WW2, the U.S military leadership upgraded B-3 with the introduction of B-6 that served the patriotic men throughout the war. A year before the war ended, B-10 made its way to the military clothing composed of fabric made exterior and alpaca lining. Then came the B-15 to be replaced by M-1 and M-2 that have been considered the modern version of a bomber jacket. In other words, M-2 Jacket paved the way for the bomber jackets making the public go after the military-style outerwear in the 60s. Finally, with the release of Top Gun in 1986, designers found another opportunity to finally kick out M-2 with the creation of G-1 ruling the world of fashion to date.

Bombers in Casual Versions!

A basic navy bomber jacket is one of the most versatile jackets you can have in your closet. Wear it with dark wash jeans and a light blue oxford cloth button down, and bring out some of the crazy designer sneakers you just bought for a little pop. Throw on olive chinos, a grey sweatshirt, some beat up canvas sneakers and walk to the bar around the corner for some Sunday Football.! Wear it with white jeans in the spring! No matter how hard you try, you really can’t go wrong here. There are various combinations that you can play with and every single one has its own style and occasion to wear to whether its a family dinner, Friday night with friends or even at dinner with your special ones. The navy nylon is tough and will look nice and crisp for a long time to come.

Bomber Jackets: Outfit of Every Era!

The Bomber Jackets were always a part of the field wardrobe, it doesn’t inevitably have a separate clothing desire in the way a navy blazer or a combination of khaki pants has. The versatility of the bomber jackets is remarkable making it perfect for any sort of occasion or an event.

One of the main reasons which make this style comes this far and caused many fashion divas to buy this spectacular jacket is just because of the attractive looks it has. A bomber jacket is fun to have outfit as you can create some interesting combination, even though it was part of a uniform, has always been more casual in nature since it was paired with other similarly performance-driven clothing. It’s easier to have fun with since there aren’t many “rules” to consider.